The Instant Healing Choice

See a spiral? See a spiral in perspective? See a spiral in perspective and 3rd dimension? See a spiral in perspective, third and fourth dimension? That is what we think about when understanding life cycles. We all tend to repeat life cycles and when aware of the repetition we give ourselves a chance to make better and informed choices. This is healing. This is where healing will meet you instantly.  Raising consciousness is about the fourth dimension. Being able instantly to leave the ill-informed choice and make forward looking instant positive manifestation choices.It is a responsible choice and healing is a responsibility,as it involves a personal commitment: to accept a responsible perspective on some previous choices, not to fall in easy blaming or victim attitude.At every curve of the spiral you engage in a different choice that brings you up the ascension process.

By listening to our bodies, our intuition, by reading our dreams, by accepting to get the messages, we receive early warnings on opportunities to heal. To live lighter to release burden, to embark on a new skin and tell a different language to our cells.

In her book, 'The Repetition' Doris Eliana Cohen, speaks about the Universal Laws of Repetition which guide our human experience and from which we can base new attitude to draw away from repetitive painful emotions and make positive informed choice. Healing on the spot.

In Gratitude