Healing with the Total Solar Eclipse

The Total Solar Eclipse of Sunday 11 July 2010 is an opportunity for us to send healing in Karuna and unconditional love and light.

The total eclipse of this summer is a peculiar one as it one precedes a Cardinal Grand Cross and will occur completely on the Ocean, and more precisely around Easter Island in the Southern East Pacific Ocean. We won't elaborate on the nature and effects of this eclipse there are many good websites and specialised blogs presenting the event. We will focus on the fact that this eclipse is particular as for the healing opportunity it presents by occurring at a very specific moment during the shift of consciousness. Total Eclipse are usually moments of intense energetic events and this one will not be an exception. It will rather be a very good moment of redefining new beginnings.

We at Healing Mudras are completely connected to the transitional times and committed to help our co-creators to let it go, heal, alleviate cellular level damages and breath a new type of air.

We are Usui and Karuna Reiki Masters and practice quantum reiki as an evolutionary positive transformational healing energy flow.

Send us healing requests and we will release them during the Eclipse between Sunday 11 and Monday 12 July 2010. Just send us a quick note in the comment box below this post with your name and location and let the positive energy flow inundate your being, in love and light.

Your request of healing will instantaneously sponsor a healing wave as many other co-creators will receive the quantum flow of positive energy (see our post on sponsoring a healing wave)  

And in gratitude for your request that will benefit You & all co-creators, we sourced this beautiful video for you : Fly Now. You can do it!