Healing Synchronicity

As the process of the Total Eclipse is underway we initiated the process of the Healing Wave. For a start, we opened the Voyager Tarot Deck and picked a Card. here it is "The Regenerator" . The interesting aspect of the picking up this card was that unlike other Tarot Deck situations, the intention was to pick the card without much preparation of let's call it, gather of energies or so. Just opened the deck, lay it down from east to west and pick a card. Dot. So the Regenerator is the Healer. Here is the literal explanation of the Card as per James Wanless Booklet: [quote] Sage of Cups ; Regenerator: As a regenerator and revitalizer you are emotionally creative. Like the life giving rain, you can transform a barren situation into a garden of emotional delight and abundance. Your inner fountain of youth creates new emotional life and vitality. You are a healer. Like bubbly playful water, you can bring happiness and joy through the restorative power of laughter and good feeling. Your energy is a medicinal spring that heals the physically sick and the troubled heart [end of quote]

This putu a large bright smile on the soul as we are about to proceed to the Healing Wave. As we start our procedure which would last about 1 hour we know intuitively that part of the Healing Wave also comprises of our own new beginning as we are about to move house and country location.  While working on the frequencies and in the middle of one of the process of visualization, exactly while visualising the road and opening the gates for a smooth drive, here the discreet bubble ringtone of the mobile phone, which we had forgotten to put on silent, breaks the silence. In between two procedures, we found out that an email had come giving us the precise directions to reach a specific house we were looking for! The smile got brighter!

We proceeded and concluded our Healing Wave with renewed joyous intentions and strength of healing for all those who requested it. Another 2 sessions of Healing Wave will be held: Sunday night 11 July and Monday morning 9 am. ( UTC + 7 hrs)

In gratitude.