Summer Solstice Healing

Since June 1st 2010 we have been collecting healing requests and added them to a special basket of healing for people and situations. The summer solstice is a good opportunity to release the healing requests, free them up in the renewed energies of the Universe and thank the Cosmic Consciousness for its bountiful smile upon them.

The summer solstice is a very special moment for the Universe and the Earth as it is the moment the North Pole is the closest to the Sun making it the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. as opposed to the Winter Solstice which is the shortest day of the year when the Sun and the North pole are at their longest distance. In many countries such as Latvia, Sweden, UK [Stonehenge], US [Arizona], Egypt [Cairo]the Summer Solstice is celebrated in many different ways and always with a spirit of partying, connection to the Universe and celebration of renewed energy.
We will release the basket of healings this evening because of practical reasons. The Summer Solstice is being calculated to be at 11.28 UTC which in our time zone is 7.28 pm.

A few more hours for you to send us Healing requests.

In gratitude