Raise Your Vibration

Vibrations are your way of being, frequencies are the tones you are sending out at a result of your being. Raising your vibrations means lift up the level of the focus on the reality and in doing this you will raise the frequency of your actions and as such your interactions, your reality, will resonate higher. Simple like 2+2. Now the Law of Attraction -commonly called LoA- is all about the resonance you set in your reality. Set the tone and go and let it happen. The reality you attract is not what YOU attract, it is what is being attracted by the resonance you set. The effect of the attraction is the magnet. You are not the magnet. The effect is the magnet and the result is the manifestation.

Raising the vibration is not about singing a higher note. Raising the vibration is about opening to the unknown , what Deepak Chopra calls the wisdom of uncertainty, or Eckart Tolle, the Power of Now, of Thich Nhat Hahn, the here and now, Suzuki, the Satori, and so forth. The power of the here and now, of the instant realisation is the LoA. What Penny Pierce speals about here is what Bashar would call the edge between the 3rd and the 4th dimension. Because the mind wants to touch to believe, to see to believe and the concrete manifestations are still part of this world, at this moment, then most people want to see results in their thinking and action. Well yes. However there is a way to graps the signs of results and continue to move on. This is what Pierce explains... in a nutshell. Let it go. Be Happy. and Don't worry! Healing is the process behind the release of attachments to understanding, thinking, wanting, pondering, controlling and the same.

The interview is a bit long but worth watching. The book is one of our Monthly Selection on top of the page!

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