Healing & Ascension Initial Exploration of the Dimensions [Part 2]

Towards 2012, duality will continue and become more evident, negative and positive will be more visible. It is up to us, beings on Earth, to choose which type of priority thoughts will manifest in your own reality. Positive thoughts become more important than ever. In itself 2012 is only threshold, and beyond 2012 there will be more positive life. The 'law' of a critical mass is at play here and from now on the process is of selecting the reality you want to live in. The way any of us will live the transformation or the shift, depends on the alignment to other frequencies. As in many aspects of life, resistance will bring challenges and let go will be new opportunities. Realities that would not stick to a new frequencies and experiences that do not match the frequencies will fade out.

So what does it mean to be part of the critical mass? Is there anything specific that can be done? Only to let it go and be alert to higher frequencies. How can this be done? Basically through opening the heart to new ways of being in touch with the innerself, change habits, drop limiting beliefs, request healing treatments, accept to see events in a new light. Accept to shift in other words. Withdraw from events that bring negative results, or feed up negative thoughts.

Withdrawing from limiting beliefs or engaging in healing, as we move through a shift in frequencies may bring up past issues, dis-comforts, and headache or fatigue. At the same time by continuing giving undivided attention to positive thinking, eventually the gate will open.

So, why different dimensions isn't there enough to feed up our reality already to actually add a dimension? The 3rd Dimension is already our mundane reality, it consists of time, space and density and is physical. In the 4th Dimension, there is more fluidity more flexibility in the perception of time and this is called Synchronicity. Living the NOW. Bashar defines synchronicity as a physical experience of everything happening at once , in the now. In the 5th dimension, there is a sharpened intuition, experiencing different realms such as in dreams or in awakened states, and there is expanded consciousness. The rational mind, aka, the left brain, receives minimal attention while most chakras receive higher frequencies of resonance.

This is possible, this is now, this is here and there are various sources of information relating to several persons experiencing shifts in beliefs, changing their life, becoming more weather and empathic, and letting it go.

We recommend to let it go, smile and be happy as, it is said, the world as we know it is about to go through a major change. For the better.

Smile and lets' walk together through this Summer, the Cardinal Grand Cross and healing.