Healer, Heal Thyself

All over the world bookstores seem to follow a tacit rule: come in, read, leave or buy, there are no obligations. In Paris there are bookshops with couches and tables and even earphones to listen to audio-book. Most sections of comics are layered with youngsters enjoying a free-reading time! Most bookstores also seem to agree that books must be opened and checked before buying it. i am sure there are clients coming in regularly and end up reading a whole book for free in a few days or even just one whole day! Bangkok is no exception to this, except that Kinokunuya Bookstores, try - with great difficulties though - to cover all the books with a protective plastic sheet! Most bookshops in most countries of the world follow the same rule. Come in read, leave or buy. The other day I entered Kinokunya to browse, not to buy. As I followed my intuition I reached my favorite area, personal development and new age and picked a book straight away. Here my book of the day - 2013, Raising the Earth to a New Vibration - by Richard Grossinger. What will we create from now that will manifest in 2013? So from a quick search I found he has written this beautiful research on sentient beings! On the same topic we found Marie D Jones Book -2013 The End of Days or A New Beginning - Envisioning the World After the Events of 2012 -  [See our Top Monthly Selections] Great suggestions. Then today a RSS feed of Reality Sandwich draw my attention to an article by the same author and just about healing. Check it out here. Somehow I am drawn to Richard Grossinger, as he keeps appearing in my reality. I will explore more and write more reviews a short while. In the meantime here our experience on Heal the Healer!

As Reiki Master I did enjoy the reading, and reminded myself that I too ask 'my healing master' what's best for the undersigned!. A conversation between Masters. I created this ethereal wisdom guide who changes gender as required by the situation and who sends me the best advises to 'heal the master". Yes healers also need healing. We are not endowed with superpowers preventing us from feeling 'down today'. We do have tools and friends to help us. As we learn to deal with lots' of situation, we learn to heal ourselves too. We can ask the wisdom guide any question at anytime and the best answer comes, no exception.

So on the road to 2013, let's drop some rigorous rules and embark in drawing a different map of the body: a body of light and transparency.. Then healing will be a play day ! How fun!

In gratitude!