Synchronicities to make a change.

Synchronicity belongs to the 5th dimension or even higher and is not a mere coincidence. When it occurs is it also not a mere meaningful coincidences. Synchronicities are messages touching your higher self and your higher consciousness and if you intuition is responsive it will get the message. If you are flying on 3rd dimension only then you may miss the coach this time around and will have to wait.
As synchronicities start to abound in the new beginning of a new way of life I though I would just re-post this video. So let it shine on you. We all are where we need to be at this time to change the level of acceptance of change. There aren't any accidental interactions all is with a purpose and if you want to move higher and higher this is the time. Healing occurs at the deepest levels and it occurs that it is not necessary to know the process, rather it is very invaluable to look upstream and want to walk to wellness. It is already there.


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