Solar Activity, Resilience, Healing , Aftershocks and Dreams!

A few days ago, an email from the Global Coherence Initiative landed in my mailbox exactly when I was pondering about events that unfolded in a few realities in the recent, say 3 weeks. Exactly when i was trying to undo the knots and explore one more time, the connection between the magnetic field, solar activity, heightened needs for healing, weather empathy and other events Title: Solar Activity, Volcanic Eruptions, EQ, weather and cycles on Earth. In reading it, i felt better. On the spot. This was not because it gave me explanations i did not know, rather because it actually gave me explanations i already knew. Obviously in a scientific manner with graphs and figures. Thank you Global Coherence Initiative. Now why am i writing about this?

Since end of April 2010 until about 1 week ago, the temperatures in Bangkok reached record height both in degrees and humidity (Explanation: Solar Activity and solar storms can raise Temperatures). On May 5th there was a Solar Storm and weather empathy is something I know affects my blood pressure regardless of the country I am in, the age I am or the diet i am following. Whenever a major storm is occurring, I either feel down and weak , or simply unnecessarily tired. If the event is very significant I may even feel depressed. As a matter of fact two days before the EQ that struck Haiti on Jan.12th 2010, and in particular the exact day it struck (which in my time zone is 12 hours ahead) i felt sick, depressed, sad and very weak. Moreover I started to cry with no reasons and while dragging myself our of the house to get 'better' i called a Reiki Master friend of mine and just cried over the phone with absolute no reasons. In the streets i walked like a zombie while repeating to myself I will stand up no matter what! Upon my return home I was feeling better and had enough energy to smile, drink water and even switch on my PC just to read about the disaster that occurred in the Caribbean Island. I made a research on weather empathy and connected it to another research I had made earlier on for my Book - Quantum Togetherness and felt some kind of relief. At the same time, I felt as though I had gone through the motions and would have to learn to recognise 'early warnings' for the next time.

On Monday 10th May 2010, a similar event occurred to me to the point where I had to cancel a dinner invitation. I told my friend over the phone about being concerned about this because of the tight connection between this depression and other events. ' I am a bit worried" i told her. My right brain though was alerted and started to enter in meditation mode intuitively asking me also to start chanting OM every morning while meditating. So I did. Every morning i would combine meditation with light yoga and chanting. This eventually cleared up my throat and I lost voice tone for a few days, too! The energies in Bangkok for the past 3 weeks have not been very conducive to peace and calm. A two months old demonstration was being held not far from our location, and pressures were mounting as to how to end such a political unrest in the most suitable manner for all. Eventually, a few days after the public transportation systems were cut off and the sky started to get filled with thick smokes of uneasiness. The schools closed and shopping areas started to close earlier. Indeed something was mounting and energy were flying very low. While I continued to meditate and chant my daily OM my daughter started to get far too energetic and restless. Uranus is about to enter Aries as is Jupiter while Pluto in Capricorn pushes for change and de-rooting of the old structures and Saturn retrograde in the last portion of Virgo is shrinking opportunities.

Another email in my mailbox was indeed explaining about the tough rides we are about to experience between May and September 2010 especially since the Grand Cardinal Cross will form in the sky in early August.

As a Reiki Master Teacher I digged into all the knowledge and skills available to us to smooth the corners to stay on top of things as a matter of letting it go and relax while actually a military operation was unfolding at our doors with Helicopters inthe sky, grenades attacks and black thick smoke of fire filling the skyline from our windows. Not only the smell, we could also see and hear the action outside. It was a true opportunity to lear to let it go even more. ! To practice Non-Attentive Alertness. The ability to remain alert and informed without practising emotional feeds! A true hands-on experience and open classroom!

Then this email landed. The one from the Global Coherence Initiative and i just felt relieved. Yes indeed i was somehow prepared for the shocks and aftershocks  and still my left brain was looking for explanations. Or was it confirmation.  When I read it I also compared it with the content of another email on the Transits of Uranus and Jupiter and the hot summer in front of us [Read more on this on the previous post] and i determined to continue to meditate, chant daily OM, teach my daughter to do so and love the beautiful greenery and protection that we have experienced in the past 2 weeks or so.

I have learned that yes by following my intuition and my senses and accept that I can be a channel of information and light i will continue to send my love vibrations to the sky and contribute to the Shift.

Another interesting fact also occurred during the same 2/3 weeks. I had 2 or 3 prophetic dreams. One of them I saw a light and it told me this is an enlightened being, in another one, a UFO spaceship landed in our garden and it sparkled an immense bright light. All were watching and I jumped and said Oh this is just so beautiful and nice it is here and now! In another one I was flying over mud and was able to control the height and speed of flying!.

There will be a kick to events during this hot summer. Get ready to join the critical mass of those who want to create a new earth.

Do you have predictive dreams? Are you interested in sharing them or understanding them? Go here, this is new and fascinating:  The National Dream Center!

In gratitude!