Healing a Notebook

As we wrote in he previous post, between the 5th and the 21st of May 2010 energies around were quite electric and peculiar. During the events that unfolded and while it would have been really comfortable to have the Notebook (10" HP Notebook) in perfect conditions to allow to be mobile in  the 4 storey townhouse , the little IT gadget actually decided otherwise.We were then stuck upstairs with the Desktop. Le it go, Let i go

A few attempts to make the gadget connect to the wireless network were just failing one after another. It could read and reach most of the neighbour's networks but not its own!. After a few attempts of switching on and off all the devices involved, we decided to put the notebook in the Healing Reiki Cupboard for 24 hours, switch off the Wireless connection and wait. Let the healing take place with no more outsiders interventions. Upon retrieving the notebook from the cupboard, switching in on and connecting to the wireless, a beam of light passed through in between the two of us; the healing had taken place and both gadgets (our writing skills and the keboard) were re-united. In addition to be in  perfect connecting conditions, it also is now functioning better!.

The shor story may sound basic it actually contains a few good principles of healing: intention, let it happen, appreciate it, detach and feel gratitude!

Love and light!