Healing & Ascension Initial Exploration of the Dimensions [Part 1]

With the current transitional period we are living and which will start to peak by end of 2011, our interest in ascension, and living dimensions, is also in synchronicity with the new openings occurring. Partly because it is fascinating, and partly because our practice of providing and teaching Healing energetic techniques, Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki and the Reconnection, we feel much close to theses dimensions.

Experiencing the 4th Dimension and then indeed returning to the 3rd is really too mundane to be left alone. Hence we are looking at remaining the 4th and ascending to the 5th. What does this all mean!? Simply put, while the Earth is going through magnetic changes and approaching locating itself in the center of the Galactic Equator together with the Sun (December 2012/ Winter Equinox 2012) we, humans, are undergoing changes, healing, transformation, and ascension. So we started to explore these dimensions and share. As healers and committed beings to the transformation of the Earth we want to be part of it. Come with us and let's explore some more.

 We all want synchronicity of many forms and when it comes to healing, we want it to be aligned with a higher purpose. In our experience, we love to teach healing, because in teaching Reiki and healing techniques, we help individuals to get in touch with their inner being and become more aligned with their own wellness.

Healing occurs at the ethereal, emotional and physical level any time we allow it to flow. Transformation requires elimination of some beliefs or to put in into Bashar or Abraham - Hicks terminology, in a path of allowing. Drift into allowing the 4th dimension to happen, clean up the knots, get in touch with your inner being and then learn to fly.

The explain what the 4th dimension is, let's take a Cube and make it rotate. While watching the cube rotating, imaging that from the exact location where you are sitting,  you could actually see through the light, or the air and  see all the other dimensions rotating around you. Imaging getting away from your seat and get into... 'the vortex of the cube!

So the whole notion of Ascension requires you to first go deep inside yourself, remove the unnecessary knots, become lighter, let healing occur, go through the process [don't get stuck in it]  and emerge lighter and open, with less ego and more awareness. Letting it go is the first step.

With the weakening of the magnetic field and the overall change in the Earth magnetic field, the transmutation from 3D to 4 D takes a bit of effort. Because there is more violence around, because the process of cleaning up the clotting at the world's level (not the sum of the individuals) brings back memories, chains of attachment and other burden and some individuals can only react with 3D reactions.

It is important to let the healing happen and focus on the destination: total wellness, to hold on tight and keep focusing on positive. We call this state of transmutation : non-attentive alertness. Remain alert but not feeding the 3D negative reactions. Stay away from it but be alert so you can also keep your radar clean but managing a safe passage towards your own destination.

Ever give up! Ever! Fear Not. It is here and now for you.

While we continue exploring the 4th and 5th Dimension and how healing occurs we ask you to tell us and share stories of your own experiences. Do you have dreams, to have symptoms of weather empathy, or other symptoms that made you aware of your own transformation. Such as more sweating, less hunger, less cravings for junk food, spirits, or other symptoms such as irritability?

let us know and we will bring our discussion further. Together.

We love the synchronicity stories of our friends Trish and Rob McGregor and if you want to discover how to live in Synchronicity, have a look at their latest publication on Amazon!  

In gratitude!