Exploring the Shift of Consciousness - Synchronicity and Healing

Hereafter is a literal translation of an article published in French and referenced below. The importance of this article is within its positive insight towards co-creation of a new world grounded on synchronicities between the Maya and the Gregorian calendar. The Maya Calendar is much talked about these days and is also much widely mis-interpreted towards giving a very bad and dramatic outlook often translated into an "end of the world' kind of scenario. In a way yes it is an end. It is the end of a world, a type of structure, value system and beliefs and the birth of a new system, a new world and a new value system. Holistic healing techniques such as Quantum healing, Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Theta, and body-mind exercises such as yoga are part of a new way of living. Because in their essence there is a seed of balance, peace, light and love.

[Start of Quote] Maya calendar, shift of consciousness and synchronicity. 9.9.9 and the Mayan Calendar Number #9 and Transition to 2012 The number #9 is endowed with special meaning in many religious and spiritual traditions: the muses in Greek mythology and the number of worlds in Scandinavian mythology; 9 doors towards the sacred part of the Temple of Jerusalem, and the ninth month for Ramadan in the Muslim calendar. The Maya tradition also relies on the number 9: the only available scripture on the end of 'world' in the Mayan calendar states the existence of Nine Gods who will descend on the world: this translates into nine energies, nine cosmic forces manifesting in the world. These cosmic forces are movements of evolutionary waves built one on top of each other. We currently are living the eighth and getting ready for the ninth world: the highest form of world: the Universal level. Thanks to the manifestations of these evolutionary forces, we can notice invaluable synchronicity with the ninth world: the date of 9.9.9 (equivalent to 09/09/09 in the Gregorian calendar) coincides with the beginning of a count of 260 days in the Mayan Calendar. This calendar is 3,000 yrs old and the modern date of 9.9.9. Contains the energy of Hun Imix, or #1 – A crocodile - which is the first of the energetic combination. The meaning of this synchronicity is that this date will create a call towards centering ourselves towards the number #9 and in particular on the ninth world. Cosmic forces are well intentioned and intelligent. The understanding of this makes it possible for us to connect with the Mayan calendar in a way that makes it realizing the existence of cosmic forces within the collective consciousness. Synchronicities have different meanings but if they have deep cosmic meanings then they require our attention. The succession of three #9 (9.9.9.) could be interpreted as repetitions of 260 days of the sacred calendar leading to the manifestation of the ninth level of evolution, the highest. The ninth level of evolution. At the best of our knowledge, this level of energy will be manifested when the energy of Ahau (13 and Ahau are the symbols of the achievement of the Mayan Calendar) will be realized which in the Gregorian calendar corresponds to October 28th 2011. This level is all but the end of the world. It is the end of 'a' world. It means that we have achieved all movements of energies. At this point in time we can use the metaphor that we are currently climbing the last difficult steps of a ladder towards a ceiling where we will find a new stability and a rest point. Whatever this last ascension will be we can expect a period of intense and un-precedent change in a very short period of time. This is due partly to the fact that we are entering the final phase of the evolution and also that a movement of very high frequencies - the ninth level - is going to radically transform the collective consciousness in a way that we make us see the world under completely different light. This is the reason why during the course of the next 3 rounds of the 260 days we will need to work in networks and center our intentions in order to make them converge towards the birth of a new world. It is very important to look at this in a positive way. The end of something is not the focus, the focus for those who accept to see this is the birth of something else. Currently we are living the sixth night of the eighth world that is related to the end of the Galactic world, is starting the 08/11/2009 (November) and will lead to the dramatic decline of the world economy. The first round of 260 days started on 09/09/09 and ends on 26/05/2010 and can be interpreted as a preparation towards the ninth world. It stimulates prayers, meditation, self-focus and mental preparation. During this time we encourage you to work effectively towards your communities, networking for spiritual harmonization. The second round of 260 days will start on 27/05/2010 and will create an opening towards the ninth world and the beginning of this will be marked by a Cosmic Convergence starting around the 17-18 July 2010, a very important focal point for concrete spiritual projects which will lead and assist the creation of a new world. The third round of 260 days will start on 11/02/2011 (February 2011) and include the real activation of the ninth world on 08/03/2011 (March 2011). Amongst the three steps this last one will be the most dramatic, and the most spectacular as it will lead towards a high energetic level which will culminate on 28/10/2011. This there are 3 steps: 1- Preparation; 2- Opening towards the ninth world, and 3- Activation of the ninth cosmic level of collective unified consciousness. The whole human society will be transformed in a way that is completely different from anything that is known right now! This will signify challenges and opportunities for humans: it won't happen alone it will need support from those who want to be part of the change. Those who want to resist will face challenges! Elimination of all forms of domination from humans. From what we understand and know about the Mayan Calendar there will be a shift collective consciousness and the end of human domination and in particular those attitudes originating from the left side of the brain: financial system, weapons, national borders, and other structures maintaining authority will be transformed, through manifestation of collective consciousness and will fade through the birth of a new world where human relations will be originating from divine harmony. This end of domination will also influence relations between species at the global level. It will be essential for us to assist in the co-creation of a new world intentionally and positively rather than react to forthcoming challenges. It is very important to understand this deeply: set from now on a positive co-creation intention in order to pass through the difficulties smoothly and contribute to the birth of a new world. Birth of a new world. With the beginning of the phasing towards the ninth level on 09/09/09 we are entering the preparation phase of the new world through the birth a new consciousness. So the date of 09/09/09 is very important. Next comes 17-18 July 2010 date of Cosmic Convergence where projects of collective consciousness will be given a way to manifest. The transformation of the old system will not occur without challenges and sufferings under many forms, and we can expect heightened feelings. With the activation of the ninth level, our identities will be defined within a much broader spiritual structure. This article is meant to inform those interested in the transformation currently occurring. The date of 09/09/09 is not merely a numerological coincidence with the Gregorian calendar. It is a synchronicity with a cosmic purpose which is at play and aims at activating a new world. Some people have already embarked on this plane. Other will find it more difficult. Starting 09/09/09 contribute in any way you can to prayers, meditations, co-creation centering, for a new and better world. Other tools for the Cosmic Convergence will appear around 17/17 July 2010. [End of quote]
Carl Johan Calleman is a re-known Swedish anthropologist who is an expert on the Maya Calendar. His website is a mine on the topic.

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