Convergence of all Healing Techniques

Healing practices attract practitioners from various walks of life. Healing is holistic and inclusive per essence. Yet some practitioners and masters like to advertise their practice or praise (and sell) the qualities of their techniques as being the best. In so doing the good intention of contributing to healing is depleted.

There are no better techniques than others. There are techniques, practices, beliefs, and experiences and all contribute to make healing practices a holistic approach to well being.  To say that one practice is better than another and, worse, to use that statement to advertise the qualities of one own technique is equivalent to negating diversity of human experiences of healing and diversity of human needs. To present a technique, be it a known practice or a new practice,  through its own qualities, presenting its characteristics, its forces, its applications and give examples of successes or explain how it is administered is far more constructive than comparing it to others. 
Up until the early 80's most commercials and marketing companies where presenting and praising products as "better than" until a protocol was adopted that commercials have to find their own motto to advertise their own products without blaming another one. this gave way to such creative minds. Look how far Coca Cola and other products went to maintain their share of market and even gain credits. Subliminal messaging is also very important in advertising and there are very good techniques aiming at calling the attention of clients without blaming other products! 

However within the holistic healing techniques, this attitudes of comparing are far more detrimental as they instigate disrupting waves within practices which are rather grounded on harmony and balance. Moreover, to attempt to convince a client that your technique is better than your neighbors' must be rather grounded in an over sized ego. Even if your practice gives you a fair idea that your technique is working faster, smoother, and whatever "...er" than another one, it is still only a fair idea and that practice can be of less use for someone else. 
In mainstream medicine doctors don't really advertise themselves as "better than". An orthopedic does not claim 'being better' than a chiropractor, a dentist does not claim to be better than an orthodontist, a nutritionist does not claim to be ' better than  '  a psychiatrist although imbalances may result from junk food attitude!
And so forth...
So what does occur in healing practices than trigger such attitudes of segregation and separation?! 

This is because no-one is to judge what is better or worse, only the person receiving the session can actually judge which ever is better for them! Diversity of experience and healing needs is the second point. 

One technique may work better for an individual than for another. One experience may be relevant to a person than to another one. More, when the patient is ready the healer arrives as when the student is ready the master arrives, because of the holistic nature of healing, one technique may work better at one point of one's lives for one type of ailment and another one for another time for a different ailment. 

In holistic practices there also is meditation or yoga. Have you ever heard someone saying that Zazen is 'better than' Vipassana' meditation or the other way around? Or have you heard someone else saying Hatha Yoga is 'better than' Tai Chi? or that Naturalistic is 'better than' homeopathy?  or that Bach Flower Remedies are ' better than Homeopathy  just as a general comment? 

What can happen is that you may hear of individuals saying" this worked better for me because i am more receptive to such type of .... or I have seen people recovering from drug addition through EFT much faster than with let's say Theta waving.

From a personal experience it never occurred to me to say that the healing technique that i practice now for 11 years and that i teach for more than 1 is better than lets say Shiatsu which by the way is a massage therapy and not a healing technique. Nor did I ever say that the school of Reiki i was taught is better than another one. 

I rather would find lessons and comparative experience enriching rather than separating. If I hear a person saying this X technique is better because... i would immediately the person is in need of self-assurance about his or her own technique. All techniques are good and all techniques can serve the variety of needs of millions of individuals. Ideally most techniques reinforce each other and the importance is to walk the talk. 

Most healing techniques use intuition and electro-magnetic frequencies as a base. Some individuals are more receptive to certain type of frequencies than others. Some individuals like to be touched, other like to dig into insights, others like to see tools and equipment and need scientific evidence. 

So again, amongst the holistic healing practices practitioners and masters, there is a real need to come together as One and complement each other and not advertise respective techniques as 'better than" 

Keep it simple, focused an straight to the point. 

Let me give you an example. 

As a Reiki Master Teacher and a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher I also learned the Reconnection. I like it because it is based on energy work and is very complementary to Reiki.

However, when I receive a client and i hear the reasons as to why the person is seeking healing, i know intuitively which practice will work for this person, be it Reiki or Reconnection. And most of the time it is a success story!. 
That is because intuition knows better and when intuition is at work, energy flows freely. 

Any comments? 

In gratitude and in Oneness.