Living exceptional times....

Definitely no wonders at how fascinating mother earth speaks its language to us, human beings lost in translation... Since there was absolutely noone to blame for air traffic disruption, some groups had to find a scape goat... and face-to-faces continue while business and growth are suffering. Shall we tune in with mother earth or pretend we know it all?!?!
A vulcano is disrupting progress and modern life and this should be a reminder that mother earth is here before us and for us and not under our feet!

Interesting times ahead with the soon to happen entrence of Uranus into Aries for 7 years. Sudden changes will temporarily brought in by the conjunction with Jupiter which makes a short incursion into Aries in May 2010 and then a final one for 1 year starting January 2011. The conjunction of Uranus of Jupiter will bring new social activities, the rise of a new consciousness, the consciousness of Oneness will shine and come to the forefront!. We want that. We Healers and Walkers of mudras we want this to happen and we contribute to it with positive intentions and spontaneous healing modes.  Wonderful times ahead. Fascinating and delightful. Polarity will however show its true face during the summer as a way to trigger the change.. Let's breath in, let's send healing mudras to the Earth and its people to align vibrations. To make the bumpy road a bit smoother.