Lessons from the Source...

One consciousness of disruption to learn one consciousness of solution. Fascination for Mother Earth is almost at its climax with recent events. Vulcanic eruption and blow of ashes stop movements in the skies of 16 countries. Mother Earth says it all. With this, the recent EQ in Western China province of Qinchai comes shadowed. A traditional ceremony of giving dead bodies to the sky and let birds evaporate the souls of the 1.144 victims of the EQ could not be followed because of lack of birds, the respect to victims was converted into a mass cremation with buddhist tibetan monks chanting and praying. In the meantime the sky of 16 countries was sent into deep silence due to the Icelandic vulcanic eruption.

One consciousness of learning to find alternative solutions to movements and there is noone to blame. No trade unions on strike, no terrorists attacks, no power failure due to bad maintaince of power system. Just a vulcano has changed status from dormant to eruptive and has woken up after 200 years.

Several events in the past 3 months had not happened since the past 250 years...
One ponders, The beginning of a new beginning. Be ready to embrace change and make it an ally to live through events  with enlighted consciousness.

Gratitude !