Scanning the Energy Field

All around energy is a living matter; moving, circling, twisting, landing, taking off, caressing or zooming in and out and the same. Ballet at cellular levels jointly with ballet at electron and protons levels. Transparent, odorless, tasteless at leas tin apparence. Healing Mudras are gestures for healing purposes.

Now there is a Japanese term which expresses the state of energy inbalances. This term is Byo [sickness, dis-ease] Sen [place, location, line] So Byosen scanning means place of dis-ease. In energy works it translates into energy inbalances, or blockages. Byosen Scanning is a Japanese Reiki Technique aiming at identifying via scan of the body areas of blockages.

It is a highly intuitive method which uses the hands as in a regular Reiki treatment but which come in addition to a treatment and is more focused on finding the areas requiring Reiki rather than just give a treatment with a simple intention of healing.It is thus intuitive and focused.

The palm chakras of a healer are very sensitive to changes in energy and light and by using these chakras appropriately the healer and//or person giving a Byosen Scanning prior to a regular Reiki treatment would be able to detect areas needing spcial focus.

Intent is very important in Reiki and is a guiding force for giving a treatment.

It is simple and fascinating yet powerful technique which guides and directs the healing session that will follow.

Along the same lines one could easily extrapolate and as initiatives of the Heartmath Institute show, the main organ of the body where love and light is produced and can radiate all around the aura is simply the heart.

The Heartmath Institute is associated with the Global Coherence Initiative and is demonstrating rather scientifically how in a state of coherence, the heart can radiate powerful waves of love toward the external layer of the body and, connect with the energy field as a scanner would by anchoring itself where it finds similar waves. A scanner would mirror pixels of colours, a heart and positive waves of energy would attract other similar waves length.

In light and gratitude for your readership!