Blowing Healing into the Energy Field

Children's curiosity in understanding the world and its mechanics is fascinating and while explaining that the air is transparent and at the same is full of 'stuff '  I came up with this explanation which applies beautifully to the healing energy sent out every time we apply Reiki tools to Healing situations or people. Let's see a little closer in the microscope of the "air" what's in there!

Air is available in unlimited quantities and looks transparent. Breathing is also an automatic, biological response to the functioning of the Heart, the lungs and so forth. Breathing air is what keeps life up and going, animals, plants and humans and all other species do this all the time. What is the air made of then: Oxygen. We breath oxygen: colorless, tasteless, odorless diatomic gas (O2). It's a gas!!! Air = Gas! Breathable and liveable gas. Gas moves, it is not static, gas changes form if appropriately mixed with other components and so forth. It also weighs something like an infinitesimal small amount of molar mass. I am not going to go in to details here it is not the purpose.  So if gas is not static, it is of flexible composition, it weighs, and changes structure depending on external elements, then it may work for healing purposes. Oh yeah, nobody would argue that oxygen is healing. We all know it, we all use it and yet we dont' use it at full potential. Unless you know how to use your Reiki tools or for non Reiki practitioner use the energy of the hands to connect with the positive electromagnetic field surrounding us!.Quantum is the answer.

Undergoing a Reiki healing session via on-site healing, mainly with a patient on a table and applying hands at about 2-3 cm from the body or any other forms such as using Byosen Scanning, or sending healing with the eyes, is a system that positively interferes with the energy field of the body to initiate/trigger its healing capacity. The healer is a facilitator of the process, the 3 layers of the body (the physical, the emotional and the aura) do the rest. Willingness to receive is always a good incentive as intention plays a forceful role in pushing limits of healing further and somehow create long-terms wonderful healing experiences.

Reiki Healing can be applied to situations and through absent practice also to a variety of persons and situations. In this case, cupped hands and reiki tools such as symbols, are used to apply positive healing energy to  whoever or whatever is encapsulated inthe cupped hands. Most healers will feel heat in the cupped hands while going through this procedure as well as an intense sense of compassion and loving-kind unconditional love for the situations and or persons. These in return will receive the energy and use it for the highest purpose. Still what happened actually?? The hands are cupped with air, fundamentally it is air in the hands to which a label is given: situation  name X, person name Y or Z, plan B and so forth. By connecting with the One Unified Field, the quantum field of molecules surrounding us, transparent and or less transparent, the healer is actually positively interfering with the air in the hands and when blowing it away after th healing session is concluded, actually blows 'healed particules of air back into atmsosphere, the unified field" and the recipient (persons or situations) will receive it when required, requested or any given appropriate time! Isn't that such a beautiful gift?!

The air is gas, the gas is of variable structure, it is energy molecule floating around. Cupping the hands for an absent healing session, and hodling air, hence energy in the hands and using healing tools to positively interfering with the energy field is equivalent to sending out bubbles of healed air nack to where it belongs! And those who were labeled, be them situations or people, will feel the healing in their way.

So I suggest to Cup the Hands and Heal as much air/energy surrounding us as possible to help the Earth and all the sentient beings to live back into harmony. Or any other positive project helping to preserve rather that destroy, to safeguard rather than eliminate, and to build bridges rather than separating. Intention is queen of the healing!

Let's Oneness emerge through cupped hands! Oh Yes!

Experiments and studies recorded that hands of healers do have peculiar characteristics of heating and interfering with the energy field. these were recorded through Kirlian Photography and other instruments such as SQUID  which do wonder in bringing evidence that frequencies of energy have a poerful healing functions!

In gratitude for your readership!!