Note on Houses on The Moon...

" You also did not sleep during the whole flight" said the Korean man behind me at the immigration queue upon arrival at Honolulu airport. I nodded and responded to him that I saw him enjoying the red wine and reading all the possible newspapers available onthe plane. He smiled and continued " That is my job!" So when I asked him then what his job was, I got struck by lightening when he said " I build houses on the Moon!"

We were in the long queue at immigration and the conversation continued as I wanted to share with him my interest on the project and eventually how, as far from being initiated on civil engeneering in the Galalxies, i actually was trasnported into another dimension just by holding this conversation with him. I had always wanted to meet someone who would be able to confirm that what I downloaded from Dailymotion.com, an alternate YouTube video uploading site, is actually closer to reality than a sci-fi movie. The NASA project is supposed to be concluded in its first phase in 2014. I told him I knew about the Robot exploring living conditions on Mars. He said, the Moon is easier to live on, we [ humankind] have been there since longer. Mars requires more work but we'll get there also. Now the focus is on water and oxygen. My flight companion is also supposed to travel to the Moon and Mars, for as long as 548 days in the near future. What was his purpose to travel to Hawai'i's Big island (so-called Hawai'i) ? The vulcano conditions (big island) are exactly similar to the conditions on those 2 planets, except for the vaccum (lack of oxygen) and simply was on a monitoring meeting with fellows experts. Obama had just announced a block on Lockheed funding so the meeting was also to review a few other things.

The conversation was really pleasant as we moved along the queue and continued in its other dimensional reality. When asked about my purpose, I was pleased to see a smile on his face as i explained that my trip to Maui, an island just a short hop down from Oha'u island (Honolulu) is to attend a Reiki Healing Retreat and receive certification as Karuna (R) Reiki Master Teacher. He asked: " And what do you heal?" I said "people and based on quantum [Note: I love it when there is no need to detail quantum] also situations and other realities events".I was just so pleasant that upon greeting each other good bye we both said " See you on the moon"

Aloha, Welcome to Hawai'i.

In gratitude.