Get Your Life On Tracks

Feeling like you need a break? Feeling like something is emerging from within your consciousness and gives you kick for change to which you are dutyfully giving an blank stare? Or worse has your life suddenly become a rollercoaster of change that you seem to have learn to surf against your will on odds and challenges? Or maybe it's just that kind of time when you actually get a little more free-time than previously and start to see throught new lenses the reality you have in front of you. This is YOUR life and noone else's , this is YOUR reality that is pushing for giving birth to new types of synchronicities: those that you wish to create, those based on free-will and transport you into a new dimension.  This is what the world is about right now. The old way of thinking is slowly fading out. Can't see it yet?
Current times are bumpy and reading the news or news magazine is just another trip into odds and challenges. The Earth is not doing well, nature is crying, animals are dying, plants are suffocating, inflation makes money worth less than ever and if not, at least, there are disturbing elements adding to the realities of the world looking even more dull.
So isn't all this about times of transition. En route to a New Earth where as Eckart Tolle says the ego-based consciousness won't have any legitimacies?  While times are accelerating and technologies show at least a bi-annual rate of change  where are we going with these gadgets and what are we planning to do with them. Emailing and accessing the Internet on -the-go almost instantly anywhere on the Planet, for what purpose?

Isn't times of change also about transitional consciousness towards a more beautiful planet, more fulflling relationships with peers, friends, children and others, isn't it time to stop and ponder abou thte meaning of life, the meaning and the value of growth in uncondtional love rather then in assets. Isn't it time to give money just about the meaning it has: absolutely no meaning at all since flows of money are traded without even touching it anymore?

There is a way to calm down, there is a way to sit, embrace change, stay alert, focused and attentive but also open, calm, clear, and stable within the quantum reality: the mind creates the reality and the energy field we manipulate to achieve goals and grow in the material world can be set to actually look at ourselves and as Gandhi said" be the change your want to see'  Be the first to be a role model.

For that to happen, a few filters have to be elminated and in first position the EGO, the old-fashioned EGO that limits communication rather than expanding them, that filters the reality rather than making it transparent. As IS.
Quantum Togetherness is an Alamanach, about how to handle change when it comes upon you forcefully but smiling and whispering" Hey trhere is a window of opportunity in every situation, there is a good purpose even in the hardest times. And since 2012 is nearby, it is worthwhile to actually take seriously the winds of change and be the change agent you would like others to be.
Meditation, self-healing, re-focus, trust, and clarity of mind are the best ingredients to eliminate, fear, stress, opportunism, arrogance, instability.
In Quantum Togetherness there is a constant whispering message" Let it Go; is not about loosing it all! It is about gaining in lightness and fly higher and better.'

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