Beams of light

Imagine a higher consciousness being browsing and screening through the unified field and noticing with pleased smile the bright auras of those on Earth having opened up to higher consciousness. Thease auras are bright, shining and open flow of white light. Let be one of those...
Why is it important to open up to a shift in consciousness? Why would one accept to re-discover realms of the consciousness covered by dust of ego, materialism, opportunism, duality and separation?

Transitional times are here and meant to give impetus to change in a way that is benefitial to the Earth, the Universe and the Oneness that connects it all.

Relax and learn new ways to live is important at the moment as we are facing an acceleration of change. A critical mass of people concerned with the state of Oneness is building up creating waves of heightened vibrations to the unified field of the Universe. To let go of old attachments, to let go of unnecessary bounds with ego, low vibrations, and duality, to see light in a different shape and color: to eventually open the heart to those beams of light carrying new messages.

This is the way to go to re-lear intuition in a deep sense:  be guided by your bliss and on the path breath the vibrations of new earth. If any thoughts arise, let them be and just see them passing away.  Instead open up to the new vibrations. Feel them, and live with them

In gratitude...