Why a Gratitude Journal Can Answer Many Current Issues

A Gratitude Journal is an almanach relating the story of One change agent. Anyone can be grateful not everyone is. It is easier to be thankful and say Thank You than to actually express gratitude. Thank You is with the mouth, the thoughts.Gratitude is with the heart. The future, the shift, the transitional times, the quantum leap and all the events taking place and increasingly manifesting in the reality before us and with us, all call for the heart to come back as the primary change agent.

The reality we have in front us is nothing more than mere a dual modern mythology based on the paradigm that discriminations, comparison, growth, race, blood lines, eyesight, mobility, are separated categories of existence. A mythology of creation wherehumans learn to distinguish themselves not to accomplish. The mythology of the 'Have" and "Do" . The heart counts little.

The concept of Oneness is at the center of the heart and vice versa. The existence of One Heart is as simple as the sun and the moon interact wihtin a magnetic field and their reciprocal forces create high and low tides. Did we forget that by the way? Tides are created and rythmed by the law of nature and Equinox tides (June and December) are regular events. It is said that Equinox tides of June 2010 and December 2012 will be major events, and that even in between those dates, some particular galactical placements will influence the way we as a large group of humans may start interpreting the reality with other eyes. For that to happen because we as humans evolved to the year 2010 have come to grow through attachments to the materialistic perspective of life, we will need to go through inherent forces of changes to raise a level of cosnciousness, detach from the materialism and start accepting a few shifts in this reduindant interpretation:

In other words, the lessons to be learned to accept the concept of Oneness will generate from the seeds we as humanity have planted. When I say there will be more events for us to raise the consciousness, I am told to be of bad omen.
In fact this is untrue. It is actually a call to raise the consciousness before the events happen in order to be able to act on their occurence and eventually be able to change the victimazation into action.

To learn to let it go, be happy no matter what the odds can be, means that gratitude will precede any response from the Universe.
Living in gratitude is to change the code of the mythology broadcast, the caracters, the script and the background soundtrack. It is about eliminating troublemaking, judgement, back and forward thinking, pondering, separating, distnacing, and all the networking related to people, things and spirits.

The Gratitude Journal is a potent healing device: a self thought feedback and an heart opener for living in Oneness.

When there is gratitude there are no conditions. In turn, free-will is master of ceremony in the reality.