Terminology for the Year 2012 & Beyond

It is Ok to think about the year 2012 and know more or less what it is all about (we'll discuss this a bit further down). Nonetheless there are few new terms that are becoming necessarily connected to the change of consciousness undergoing.

Amongst these terms are:

Vibrations Vs lines; Beams Vs Shots; Resonance Vs Sounds; Waves Vs Lines; Radiance Vs Emanations; Healing Vs Curing; Quantum Vs Separation; Vortex and vorticular forces Vs Vision; Oneness Vs Duality; Avatar Vs Clone; Magnetism Vs Feeling; Matrix Vs Table; Electro magnetism Vs Visual effect; Awaken Vs Believe; Universal humanity Vs Nationalism; Ascended Vs Grounded; Connection Vs Attach; Brain Entrainment Vs Split mind; Netwave Vs network; Alignment Vs Luck; Galactic Alignment Vs Universe Movements; Galactical equator Vs Space; Epigenetic engeneering Vs Cloning; Shift Vs Change; Energy medecines Vs Allopathic medecines; Scalar wave technology Vs Relativity; Holographic universe Vs Singleton Universe; Entanglement Vs Blockages; Trans-communication Vs Paranormal communication.

Many more terms are becoming widely used as we move along the shift and closer to the year 2012 and beyond and why is this?

The best reading recommendation I have with regard to understanding the beautiful positive opportunity to open up to the energies of 2012 is the book published by Sounds True The Mysteries of 2012. A collection of articles by Gregg Braden, Jose Arguelles, John Major Jenkins and many more.

The year 2012 represents a peak time within a timeframe of approximately 6 to 7 years (from 2007/8 to 2015) a peak time is a maximum tip of a situation which in this case is about a change. Towards 2012 chaos will increase in many forms and uncertainty will rise in many forms too. This is why it is urged to change the way we live here and now. To allow ourselves to make the necessary changes within the way we live, act, and consciously accept that another reality can take over. There are many theories about the 2012 and the years leading to it as well as the years following, and all of them reach to the same conclusion: change is occuring and includes change in consciousness. How and what triggers the change in consciousness? The intensity of world's events, the speed and succession of events, the fact that the Earth is completing a wobble on its axis which takes 26,000 Years to complete and this happens regardless of what we think or want, the fact that the magnetism of the Earth is at its lowest in thousands of years, the fact that the world as it is is not sustainable.

Before a storm there is preparation, wind, chaos, electricity, youname it, after a storm there is restoration of a certain type of order, this is what 2012 is about: the years leading to Dec 2012 will bring evidence on the fact that a shift is required, that Oneness of all and evertyhing is more evident than ever and that all can play a role in contributing positively to the shift. The factor is intention and being open to uncertainty.

To be open to uncertainty is to practice wisdom in action. In other words to gain openess of the heart and lose the filters of the ego and opportunism.
It is very important in the leading to year 2012 and beyond to practice openess of the heart, drop of the ego, love and compassion and understand deeply with the heart that human beings are all connected for the better.

Those who can understand the power of love will be able to stand uncertainty in its own face. This is one of the lesson of the leading years to 2012.

As a healer, i woke up with the purpose of the mission i am here to complete: as a woman the mission is double: to serve the women of the world on the road to evolution as ther emust be women sharing the road and the pace with men. Women healers can help other women heal their energy flow with a special signature: the women's understanding of life and the cycle of life.

In the literature I browsed to write the book Quantum Togetherness, it is said that mainstream religions will undergo major de-structurisation and that the soul of oneness will  emerge as the feminine goddess. What was taken away from women's knowledge by power structures which established mainstream religions, will be reverted back to those who were the strength of the spirits. LEt's see what the future holds for us on this one.
In the meantime we can all contribute to enlighten the Earth, to protect the Earth and its spirits, to re-learn to listen to the voice of the Earth and send unconditional love to ailing parts of the Earth. There will be more, so prepared for a rollercoaster of unconditional love. The beautiful gift of life.

In gratitude for your readership...