Ego is only an acquaintance, keep the distance,

Your ego is not your lover, only an acquaintance and there is no need to take it on a full-time basis job posting! The power of stillness such as the one that can be developed through meditation is in the abundance of natural healing of fear and worries it provides instantaneously. Though, when fear and worries have left, the ego may still continue to shine. It is then time to wake up to the beautiful new beginning the universe is giving in the potential to create. The wisdom of uncertainty is the value that life is moving towards a better tomorrow; create a new reality, blend with the flow and be ready to just let it go.

Positive thoughts are hundreds times more powerful than negative thoughts. Positive talking such as asking and answering in positive ways will bring positivity. Action in the now is all that matters. The trick is to succeed in moving beyond the labyrinth of the mind. The mind does not like the present moment and prefers to wander from past to future, to plan, to query, to ponder, to calculate. This is good, in moderated doses to prevent overflow of the system. That is the story inside both sides of the brain. The middle way, the silent way is the way of the now. The Tao of the moment is the now. The way of the present moment is the way of the intuition. In other words live as though you are starting all over every day. It is not a crazy idea, rather a survival mode when uncertainties abound. Live, think, breath, walk, eat, talk in the now is equivalent to sitting down comfortably and watch the good movie of your own actions. Only then it becomes possible to see the importance of the present moment as being inextricably a moment of change.

Accept to engage in healing and let the body tell its story. It may be very exhausted of all the inputs given with many years of conditioned behaviors. Live dreams; allow a dream to become reality. Accept wanting to change path or engage in a new beginning because the beliefs in is sharper than the negation of it. Live today with the value of today as though tomorrow would never come; live permanently in the now. The expanded version of today is already tomorrow and to keep calling it the present re-balances alertness on the pure potential of creation. Any time, any day in any location change can be embraced easily. The future is already in the present moment. The present is already gone, it is already yesterday. Every moment is impermanent. When the past knocks at the door of the now open it, let it in and smile and realize the manifestation in front of you.

Make a list of the five most important things or persons in your life and make sure your own name is on top of the list, because love for the self is the springboard for relinquishing an egoistic perception of the self and the beginning of an active observation of others and their needs. The love of the self is the source of love for the others, which in turn becomes the steaming up for the love of life. The trick is to prevent becoming infatuated with the personal love for 'you'. The ego is like a chain, a leash attached to a pole somewhere in the past. The ego is full of the past as in 'I am', 'I did' and the same. There was the story of an immigrant in a western English-speaking country who made a remark about having to learn a language in which the word used to refer to one self is always written with a capital letter 'I'. Who is "I" to deserve such a big attention of a capital letter?

The ego is a powerful filter that narrows down the vision on the universe and as such can create the most powerful sufferings which can accompany any being to the final destination, in lack, not in abundance, because detached from the others. To keep attention on the ego, creates the powerful consciousness about 'I am" rather than just "being". So rather than detach from the others, detach from the ego and be with others, in new togetherness. Being is important because all is inter-connected. Two egos cannot co-habit. Awakening in the now means waking up to the intrinsically connection with the surroundings. If there has been a fight in a room, the energy of the room is filled with heaviness and usually fights either verbal or physical are just about egos and domination. To drop the ego, see and feel the connection with the universe is a powerful healing force.

The results of dropping the ego are abundance of liberation and connection with reality as is, absence of judgments and opinions about others and a firm step into the cycle of positive creation. At collective level the ego fusions with one or two or more individuals and instead of "I" there is "we" but the impact of the 'we' is similar as to an "I' at the individual level. The importance is to drop this cumbersome ego and just be one.

In gratitude