East Meets West

The combination of Buddhism and Tarot may seem strange at first bu the archetypal patter reveals stunning similarities. The Buddha Tarot I have been using on and off for the past year or so, is very enlightening.  I have used it during Reiki and Reiki Master Teacher sessions to help the students go deeper in their understadnign of their own energy flow. It matched their queries at any given time. I have used it to query some directions in life and how to overcome doubt or fear in addition to practicing intensive healing for the self when these doubts arise. Every time, the guidance of the Tarot was a companion.

Robert Place' Buddha Tarot is a beautiful open book on life and, simple and rather sharp inspiration.

So today I open the deck and ask a few queries, amongst the card there were Locana , The Shakti of Vajras, Vajradakini: the Dakini of Vajras, Yasodhara - the Future Empress, The Chakras - The Morning Star and Siddharta Cuts His Hair - Strength....

Let's see the beautiful paintings of theses cards ; the Morning Star: represents the ladder of ascent to a higher state of consciousness. It may represent stages necesary to the ascent. At the mundane level, it represents a breakthrough, an opportunity suddenly becoming available, a calm after a storm.

Yasodhara; The Future Empress... the first car on the second row starting from right. Meaning the feminine principle that attracts what it desires. The fertility on Earth, the embodiment of beauty, and she opens our heart to love. She can be a beautiful woman and an ideal mate.

The Buddha Tarot of Robert Place is as beautiful as a whole Mandala and the Deck contains a map of displaying all the cards in a card fashion with Tara at the center. A beautiful Love gift for the year 2010.

The meaning i give to the reading thismorning is On my way to Karuna Reiki Master Teacher Certification, and knowing karuna is sanskrit for compassion.... I got the appropriate cards matching the inner search. for manifestation of unconditional love.

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in Gratitude.