About Karuna....

Karuna, is a transliteration of a Sanskrit word meaning compassion or compassionate action since in Buddhism, and Indo Tibetan buddhism as well as Hinduism, everything is energy and connected in a body-mind-universe flow. What you think is translated into actions.. Think compassionate, act compassionate.

Compassion, is an action-oriented feeling generated by the suffering's of others and the need to alleviate it. It is the root for compassionate action.

In the Buddhist tradition, the path of the bodhisatva is an important one. It brings passion for life and love to the heightened level of connection with the universal forces. It means in practice recognising these energies within the self and acting as being a messenger of love. In the Theravada tradition of South East Asia the path of compassion is to achieve happy and joyous rebirth, to put good seeds for the wheel of karma, the wheel of life.

Karuna, Gratitude, Loving Kindness, and Equanimity are important values to activate compassionate action.
As usual the primary conditions is to drop the ego and be able to broaden life's goals. Altruism isn't merely only a people's -oriented action. It could be the Earth, the Planets, the Soil, the plants  any sentients beings, any being of energy , hence all, the Oneness entirety.

Equanimity is unattached awareness grounded in the impermanence of reality. It is a peace of mind and abiding calmness that cannot be shaken by any grade of both fortunate or unfortunate ones. It is a concept promoted by several major religious groups.

Change your heart, see the crystal shining in its core and develop gratitude, compassion, loving-kindness and equanimity:  thoughts will change, actions will follow, ego will fade, learn to listen . and eventually live in the NOW.

The only moment that matters.