About gratitude....

Gratitude is the most important thought. It has the power of a love boomerang, a love vibration sent to the Universe, unconditionally.


- nurtures connection to the Universe and to the Energy Flow within our own self.
- triggers a sense of being meaning-full.
- connects with the spirit world and hence makes happier.
- develops the sense of appreciation.
- shifts attention from ego to the outer world and its sentient beings.
- shifts attention from stress and negativity to calm, others and the rest.
- creates bonding.

What can we do to develop gratitude?

Hold a Gratitude Journal:

- develop a habit of seeing a brighter side to unconfortable situations of all kind;
- develop a habit to connect to others in a way of your choice;
- nurture relatioships of all kind;
- develop a habit of dropping ego;
- develop a Oneness value;
- develop an unconditional relationship with life;
- develop a positive bond of connection

A value of indebtness: is a conditioned relationship ' it is the ego that is the inspiration
A value of gratitude: it an unconditional relationship where it is the other, the outer world that is source of inspiration. In turn that person, or being or Universe wil feel proud of being appreciated.

An example is eating and touching the earth with gratitude: When you eat, be grateful for the food  and all the elements that made it possible into your plate and connect with the ancestors, friends, teachers, allies, animals and nature...

In the gratitude journal:
- write each day something about being grateful
- even in bad days, make effort to see a way to be grateful....

In gratitude for your readership!