World Peace Meditation - 16/12/2009

One more time before the end of this year 2009 The International Center for Reiki Training is setting the tone for the World Peace Cards Meditation.  7.30pm in your time zone. for as long as you can...

"We are entering a new era. Our entire planet including all the people and living things are moving into a place where it will be much easier to solve our problems and to create peace, prosperity and happiness for everyone. The World Peace Card meditation will quicken this process, making it easier for people to experience this new quality of higher consciousness and will provide great benefit for all people. Since this benefit will be flowing through you out to everyone on the planet, you'll be blessed by this experience as well." Last month 150,000 Peace Cards were downloaded from the Reiki Center's website.
Even if you aren't a Reiki practitioner you can still 1) benefit and participate in this event just by meditating on peace , 2) read about the World Peace Meditation at the Reiki Center's Website, 3) Print the cards meditate your own practice with them, keep them for future use. they are charged with positive energy.

Love and Gratitude for your Readership!