Notice and Ease Tool

This morning I participated in a Webinar coordinated by the Global Coherence Initiative. In this occasion I was reminded of a wonderful tool which is very similar to the processes detailed yesterday in the second part of the meditation component of the Blog-inar.

The Notice & Ease Tool aims at calming the mind-body connection in order to prevent stress to inundate the experience of life. It is possible to download tips on ow to perform tis exercise direclty from the GCI website,becoming a member (free of Charge)

It works like this:

Notice: Be emotionally aware and acknowledge the feeling.This is equivalent to admitting the feeling, to feel it rising inside, indentifying it;

Ease: befriend with the reaction, hold it, then let it go out of the system. This can be facilitated by giving it a name ie. fear, anger, jealous, anxious;
Breath out and let it go.

This simple exercise is ideally done BEFORE stress come in, or ASAP as the feeling rises;

This allows to RESET the body-mind connection: shorten the time of the experience of stressfull emotions which would drain energy.

These exercises and others are meant to build coherence, an optimal synchronocity state of the heart-mind-emotions. It is said that the heart ribbons are smooth (like beautiful curves/waves) when the mind-heart-emotions connections are synchronised but erratic (zig-zag) when out of synchronisation.

Practice Notice and Ease Tool Meditation each time a dis-rupting feeling or emotions rises.

Notice the enhanced attitude that will then build spontaneaolsy from practising regularly.

Peace and Love to all...