[Issue 5] Blog-Inar - Healing & Energy - Broaden Your Life Goal


Welcome to [Issue 5] of our Series on Energy & Healing.

Short-cut summary of topics already browsed: Energy, Healing, Meditation and how to start a Healing programme with meditation: 1) Let go of the Ego, and how this let go can not only facilitate ego but also expand it to other non-physical dis-eases of the body-mind-universe connection. 2) Detachment from the outcome and 3) Gratitude as an overall attitude ( being alive, being living on this Earth, being a parent, etc....)4) To fully be in the present and to gain the best rewards for oneself and the others is to broaden  oneself's life goals.

Let's put it this way straight forward: Geshe Nyama Dakpa Rinpoche told us once: it is Ok to go to temple and make offerings for " me me me and my family and my friends and etc...' it is better to go to temple and say thank you even when there are challenges."
This means once you get out of the go vision of life you immediately step into into the collective vision of compassion and sharing
Another example: severe weather forecast for Northern USA and Europe and impending vulcano eruption in the Philippines. what do you reckon should be your first thought???? I am fine... I am awy from trouble.. or I am fine I am thinking of all the poor souls who are suffering or even better.... there are so many people suffering from these situations... once you step out of the ego based analysis of life you immediately open the life's vision. Once this is done on a regular basis and as a principle of life then it becomes a life's goal.

 Broaden your Life’s Goals.

Become an Unconditional Transmitter.

The love of a child is unconditional. He or she does not know how to put words on the feeling but certainly does strongly react to love. In re-discovering the forgotten inner child potential any individual comes into alignment with a deep frequency of unconditional love. Childhood, in real terms is all about being true to oneself: wanting, realizing, getting, learning and sharing. The socialization of the ‘ego’ messes the process up. Learn about the ego, use it for creating an identity and discover the self, then, let it go and be with others, for others. When change obstructs and creates a blurred sense of losing control, this is the time to broaden the vision on the reality. Change qualia ; change the insights and the look, smile and live healthy, rediscover meditation and healing. Often in large urban crowds people don’t look at each other. It also seems at times people do not even see or feel each other. Be the first to watch other people, guaranteed a smile will reach you in less than a minute. Drop opinions, drop judgment, drop taking people or situations for granted, drop your ego. Look at how you can contribute to the community of people around you. Talk to someone you never talked before. Align yourself with the higher possible vibrations and enhance your life experience. Go with the flow, open the chakras. Listen to the voice inside of the self not the outer voice. When things go well, look at what still can be done to pursue a higher goal and when things go wrong, shift perspective to find the positive in it, because “What you think, what you feels is a reflection of what is in process of becoming ”. Manifest your thoughts positively: change the talk, drop negative words, formulate sentences in a positive tense for instance instead of saying “I don’t think this will happen, say “I think that will happen” or “I don’t like to give flashy gifts” say “I like to give small design gifts” and so forth. Think of what is “wanted” and leave the “not want” to the garbage bin. Life is in your own hands and in your etherical body. Nothing absolutely nothing is impossible and the mental plane can go higher, on a super cosmic highway. Change communication ways, understand other ways, and allow a shift until the ego will disappear. As nice as it could be to take care of the self broader goals will give more satisfaction to actually blend the personal goal with the broader goal. To be alive is an experience and a journey in which you can decide at any given time what to do with. Searching through websites and healing resources will often result in observing that own self satisfaction is highly in demand. However, as the old say “no man is an island” dates back many years means exactly that all are connected. Even a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean is part of a larger group of islands. Yes one can live isolated but somehow one day something will reach the shore, and the ‘aloneness’ will terminate. Broadening a life’s goal does not mean to change the ‘what’ rather the ‘how’ or to add some integrity-driven value to the ‘what’ to serve broader purposes. The CEO of a company could change office rules, make them more appropriate to family life. Give people back something they have earned. Or anything that comes to mind and which would enhance the mood of the people working. S/he can also decide to give a day-off unexpectedly for instance after the company went through the motion of hard job done efficiently. Something as a reward will always work, bottom-up and or top-down. Living in Asia is a living example of that. This does not mean people never get angry, or upset, or visit the doctor because Utopia does not exist. In Asia the law of cause and effect is embedded in many aspects of daily life and as people go on their mundane activity they translate such law into effect.

The power residing in the mind and body connection and the heart as loving and giving force the transformational shift of perspective is absolutely necessary at this present moment on Earth. Through the practice of visualization one can deeply install a sense of well-being away from the chaos and re-shape stability by offering others the most valuable resource available: unconditional love. Broaden your goal and open to new ways of communicating your ideals for fairness. There is a simple exercise one can do to enact a process of change and broadening the life’s goal. Sit down and relax and make a list of all the words commonly used that actually replicate constraints or are limiting. Select the most negative one and resolve to use only the positive form. Example: ‘I should never do this way again’ becomes: ‘I should always do this in a … new way!’

To broaden a goal there are many ways to do so for instance, engaging in a community project, give something to a stranger, make a donation, give 100 US to a beggar, make somebody happy, unconditionally, smile. Do something new that can help people around. One way of doing this is by exploring new ways to engage into something, an interest, a forgotten dream a compassionate intervention. Something that makes other people feel good. In other words attract newness in Life.

Having the intention to heal is in itself a regenerative force creating an instant kicking of a healing process. Accept that not knowing everything about everything is fine, as is the fact of succeeding not to control surroundings, people, pets, things and thoughts. Think there are other realities. Let things come in your direction by changing the way you create them. You will discover so many new things you usually can’t see because being too busy in repetitive patterns. Enable change to come your way. Resisting change will lonely create resistance in your life. Feeling ecstatic is a driving force which you should use immediately to generate a process of recreation. Go with the flow and do not block what is coming. Being co-creator of your healing process makes you enter a permanent state of energetic regeneration. Reiki is a regenerative force which operates at a very subtle level. It makes you go into a direction by switching on the lantern on the way. Once you have followed all the steps and developed your intuition deep enough to see the lanterns then you are on the new path and Reiki will assist in creating this expanded version of you that will make you confident about the infinite potential of creation. There is nothing that one is supposed to do.

We wish you all a Peacefull and Loving KInd Xmas Season and Happy New year.
Do stay with us inthe new year 2010., more il be featured on 2012, Energy, New Earth and Consciousness.