Blog-inar [Issue 4] Energy & Healing


Welcome to [Issue 4] of our Series on Energy & Healing.

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Wednesday 23 Dec. Healing: Broaden the Spectrum

Suggestions welcomed for future Blog-inars!!

Short-cut summary of topics already browsed: Energy, Healing, Meditation and how to start a Healing programme with meditation: 1) Let go of the Ego, and how this let go can not only facilitate ego but also expand it to other non-physical dis-eases of the body-mind-universe connection. 2) Detachment from the outcome and 3) Gratitude as an overall attitude ( being alive, being living on this Earth, being a parent, etc....)

Note: The topics of discussion in this Blog-inar are very vast, and there was a need to narrow them down a bit. As such only glimpses of connection between healing, life-styles- and harmonious body-mind connection and types of healing are presented and YOUR suggestions are welcomed for rolling-out more Blog-inars early in the new year.

For now we will focus on Energy Flow and Healing and in today's discussion How to create a positive Flow of Energy within the Body-Mind-Universe connection in order to allow healing to happen and remain .

We've seen what energy is, how healing and mind are connected, how the body and the mind connection is key to allowing healing to take place, how meditation is a first hand tool to actually start understanding how energy can work out stuff a life transformative path in a prolonged way. Say good bye to Excuses as William Dyer so nicely explains in his latest book Excuses Begone! (see our Amazon Widget for a reference)

Today we 'll touch base with Energy Flow.

We recommend wathing William Dyer movie ' The Shift ' it is only 4 US dollar and worth it!
Why, How and what kind of Flow do we want for Healing?

We want coherence, harmony, balance, alertness and focused attention. All these will allow: a higher intuition, snchronicities, lack of fear and most of it, healing. The opposite of stress is coherence. In a state of coherence, healing can take place.

A flow is a continuous stream which runs at a certain pace and brings in as well as take out 'stuff'. As blood in the veins, water in the body and energy in the meridianz (nervous system) m thoughts in the mind and all the interaction between all these components would be well synchronised to create a positive flow.
A system that is coherent presents an harmonious, balanced and synhronised flow of energy: see a smile on a face, a calm reaction, a coordination of movements, body movements posed, walk focused, talk clear, but also: absence of ego, open heart, humbleness, loving-kindness.

How to create a positive Flow of Energy within the Body-mind-universe connection.

Calm the mind,
Accept that thoughts only do exist in the mind and as such can be changed to change the reality
Improve vision
Open the heart
Accept to be a beginner: see something new every day

Meditation is a way to improve most of these attitudes.
However, beyond meditation there are few simple habits which can easily be practiced during the day, at any given time and which will slowly build a higher level of personal coherence.

- Breathing exercises
- Change eating habits: drop off of one habit at a time, slowly to allow your body to accept the change but mainy: stop eating meat, and possibly fish, add more vegetables, and whole wheat bread or brown rice as food staples, improve the tyupes of nuts and seeds you can easily eat.
- Engage in the Slowfood Habit
- drop or stop consumption of alcohol,
- relax 10 minutes every 3 hours. Stop and watch, stop and breath, stop and ask yourself a meaningful question: what is around me? Look at the sky, smile at somebody, feel the air, touch and feel a cloth, give a hand to a child;
- Have at least consciously 3 positive thoughts about something or someone per half day. Ask yourself a question about that issue or person. Decide to make a good thought a good habit about this issue or person.
- Save water, save electricity, consciously, not merely because it saves money inthe bill, but because it is just GOOD to do so.
- Invest in something good for yourself: purchase a good book, a good new ambient music tunes, a massage, allow yourself to be good to yourself. not because it is cheap or expensive.. simply because it is good.

Quantum and Energy Flow

The quantum field of energy is an intelligent field. It knows exactly what, where and how, and even with whom! The more the practice of ' good thoughts-good intentions-good actions- good breathing -good eating - good talking and smiling the more the quantum field responds with a vortex of positive force life transforming healing. Why is it so? Because all is ONE. All is interconnected, all is in intereaction and magnetised and therefore it responds and reacts to stimuli.

Due to current changes inthe Earth magnetic field, the galaxy is undergoing changes. Gratitude to be alive and witness these events is a prime time spot on the theatre of life: never again this will happen with six billions souls on Earth. Now is the time to engage in changes. Not with fear rather with great gratitude and forward looking energy flow.

In our book Quantum Togetherness. It Is Up To You To Make It Happen and in the shorter version of Quantum Life. It Is Good For You! we have developed and detailed a few exerices which aimat building a self coherent positive attitude towards change and healing.

Healing can only happen with a starting point of having the intention to heal and for the intention to transform un-well or out-of-balance into balanced, wellness and coherent state, there MUST be a shift in thinking. There MUST be a let go of limiting thoughts, or self-defeting thoughts, there must be an open attitude toward trusting the DNA structure inside the body to actually influence it by giving it new inuts. Yes.

Healing cannot be a miracle. A miracle only happen when we allow it to happen : so open the gates of Allowance, abundance, Harmony and balance.

- Choose homeopathic or natural therapies for possibly all ailments. Children a particularly sensitive to homeopathy and usually react very quickly as their body's system of reponse is not yet accustomed to high doses of dreadful information.
- Develop trust in your intuition. Trust yourself. Trust what your inner voice says.
- Browse the internet to find natural remedies there are seveal online Natural remedies encyclopedias which have a Q/A section.
- Seek advice of a healer a Reiki Master, an Acupuncture aholistic healer, a quantum healer. Ask you question clearly and it will be answered naturally.
- Search for clues out of the ordinary 3 D life recurrent pattern of the past 3 generations: the quantum leap is here and Now and you are part of it. So be with it!

Here after is a link to a recent article of  Karl Maret on the future of Healing, it is indeed energy blogging and positively straighforward!

Reiki is a potent cleanser. Because of its association with higher consciousness of helping and serving others in a loving-kind attitude, Reiki is a lifestyle attitude. There are powerful reiki meditation with symbols which can deter the most virulent negative energy trying to create a niche inside our comfort zone of mind-body-universe connection.

Crystals elixir are very good cleanser to start detoxifying the body and increase the positive Energy Flow within the body-mind-universe connection.

- Amethyst elixir
- Citrine Elixir
- Blue agate elixir
- Black tourmaline elixir

Hereafter is one Example of Breathing Exercise which is powerful, simple, cleanser and detoxifiyer.
It is extracted from the level II reiki Practice ( Oku-Den) and is called the Golden Ki Flow

1) Sit in Seiza on a Zafu (sofa or cross-legged on the floor) with your hands palms down on your knees, and close your eyes;

2) Observe your breathing; follow your in- and out-breaths for a little while, until your mind becomes calm;

3) Open your eyes slightly and focus your attention on a point on the wall or the floor about 3 ft (86 cm) in front of you;

4) As you breathe in, visualize Ki entering your body as a golden flow from all around you

5) Be aware of the energy as it flows through your body and fills your hara ( 2cm below the navel)

6) With each out-breath flood the golden energy out of your body in all directions and witness the flow of Ki engulfing your surroundings in golden energy

7) Do this for at least ten in-breath/out-breath sequences

8) Defining the Hara – Tanden – Chi – Ki

9) Move your hands into the Gassho position, with your hands in front of your chest in the sort of position where you could breathe out onto your fingertips

10) Part your hands slightly, keeping the index finger and thumb tips still in contact with each other

11) Move your hands down to the solar plexus

12) Imagine “Golden Ki Flow” coming to and from your hara for three complete breaths

Practicing this every day for up to 30 minutes or longer will give immense healthy benefit, such as a calmer but sharper mind, a sense of alertness and an approach to time and space more in connection with the energy flowing around. The sense of calm and alertness will be beneficial to conduct daily activities, to reduce stress and anxiety and move the self to a higher vibrational level. If you can't get to commit or even sit for 30 minutes a day, start with 5, then increase to 10 and so forth at your own pace, the most important aspect here is not to win a competition but to win healing for the self!!

Ok done for today, Next week we'll broaden the spectrum as a key component to allow the Energy Flow to establish wellness withinthe body-mind-universe connection. Also remember nothing can happen with a big ego... all can happen with an absent-ego mind movie!

Gratitude for your readership!!