Cosmic Lights: Dawn of a New Era

Did you notice the news the other day?
If not we just refer here to the event occured in Norway a few days ago.

I had a dream 10 days ago, it was about some solar storms, or better, Solar rains occuring on one spot of the sky. There were small balls of light falling from the sky and like a curtain illuminating the dark night with yellow fire balls.

A few days ago, this event happened in Nowary. You can read for yourself.
As I am reading this book, The mysteries of 2012 and I am uncovering the several approaches to the 2012 and beyond, I can only connect all these post signals together and embrace with gratitude to be alive on this planet at this moment to witness suich events!

Cosmic Lights over Norway  Get attuned, let it go, Wathc, witness and re-focus!

Love to All