Blog-inar Series Energy & Healing [Issue 2]


Welcome to [Issue 2] of our Series on Energy & Healing.

The remaining schedule is as follows:

Wednesday 9 Dec: Healing & Meditation (2)
Wednesday 16 Dec.Energy Flow & Healing
Wednesday 23 Dec. Healing: broaden the spectrum

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Last week we explored some basics on Energy & Healing. Grounding well-being on the body-mind -universe connection as a healing energy flow within this invaluable connection.

This week, we will explore the basics for Healing and its connection with Meditation as a practical form of healing and boost energy levels to generate healing.

Basics for Healing

Healing can happen when a set of gates are open from within the mind-body-universe connection:

1) Intention, acceptance, allowance and let it go;

2) Trust, intuition, awareness

3) Alertness, clarity

4) Gratitude.

Like a beginner’s mind, healing requires that a few circuits within the mind-body-universe connection are de-wired and re-wired. The brain is a complex matrix of wiring which in time, through peer pressure, socialization, education, habits, and beliefs become set patterns of behaviors. Some are conducive to healing most are blocks of wired patterns of restricted behaviors.

It is now becoming evident and recent research studies show that rather than fixed human DNA can be influenced by intention and changed towards recovering higher number of strands. Intention is a very powerful tool for healing, and works in conjunction with accepting and allowing [healing to take place].

Working the way through the fitted matrix of circuits and thoughts require Let it Go to take place. Let it go in the full sense: of all the ego-based excuses which may prevent healing to take place.

There often are good excuses to prevent healing to take place. Dr Eric Pearl in one of his recent publication describes several examples of patients addicted to Health insurance mechanism as an excuse to live a comfortable life of denial. (See references at the end of the article) which are often even linked to each other. A web of denial revolving around an ego-based consciousness: I can't do this because if I do this then I am not getting that and if I am not getting that then I cannot receive this from that and if I can't receive this from that then I can’t get what I want!. Several layers of excuses for not facing healing face-to-face.

It is human and embedded in a way to thinking and talking that consciousness can't follow the pace of it. However to allow healing to take place circuits of thinking and acting must revert to positive non-ego-based patterns. Even if that takes away a form of security.

From Intention (Set1) to Awareness (Set2) there are 2 milestones and landmark indicators of opening up to healing:

Drop the ego: let go off of the limited restricted analysis and perception of the reality

Live in the Now: the word tomorrow does not even exist anymore. Today and now is what matters.

This is where the quantum leap takes place. All can change in a minute.

From thinking Healing, to living Healing.

How to start?

Deepak Chopra talks about 'wisdom of uncertainty' to explain the thin edge of allowing, detaching, dropping ego and living the now fully trusting the manifestation of healing. There is so much control of everything that practicing here and now and accept not to know everything is a healing per se'.

The power of stillness such as the one developed through meditation is an abundant experience of healing for fears and worries, instantaneously. Though, when fear and worries have left, the ego may still continue to shine. Action in the now is all that matters. The trick is to succeed in moving beyond the labyrinth of the mind. The mind does not like the present moment and prefers to wander from past to future, to plan, to query, to ponder, to calculate. But thoughts do not exist anywhere else than in the mind! It would be so easy to let them disappear. Live in the now, every day, every moment, and there is no tomorrow. Tomorrow is just an expanded version of now. Tomorrow does not exist.

Make a list of the five most important things or persons in your life and make sure your own name is on top of the list, because love for the self is the springboard for relinquishing an egoistic perception of the self and the beginning of an active observation of others and their needs. The love of the self is the source of love for the others, which in turn becomes the steaming up for the love of life. The trick is to prevent becoming infatuated with the personal love for ‘you’. The ego is like a chain, a leash attached to a pole somewhere in the past. The ego is full of the past as in ‘I am’, ‘I did’ and the same. There was the story of an immigrant in a western English-speaking country who made a remark about having to learn a language in which the word used to refer to one self is always written with a capital letter ‘I’. Who is “I” to deserve such a big attention of a capital letter? The ego is a powerful filter that narrows down the vision on the universe and as such can create the most powerful sufferings which can accompany any being to the final destination, poorlessly, not bountiful, because detached from the others. To keep attention on the ego, creates the powerful consciousness about ‘I am” rather than just “being”. So rather than detach from the others, detach from the ego and be with others, in new togetherness.

Healing, ego, patterned thoughts cannot co-exist.

Meditation as healing [ and a way to drop the ego!]

Accept to be a beginner. Decide to engage in meditation, yoga, stretching exercises, relax everyday for a while in a calm spot and ponder about the here and now. Drop worries and expand your inner potential. The value of meditation is not in its name or brand, rather in its forceful power to reshape the hardware and the software of the consciousness. Meditation is often interpreted as a secluded practice to be performed in silence, crossed legs away from reality and with an aim at detaching from the reality. Meditation is all but that.

Meditation is the development of an active, alerted and focused attentive state of mindfulness. Meditation is being completely blended with the present moment, the now, and the energies of the now. Meditation develops alertness in calmness and regular practice fosters the development of a capacity to influence the energy field. In other words, meditation is a way to jump starts the stretching of sensory abilities, the first one of which is intuition.

Frequencies of meditation:

The benefit of a living with a sharper intuition is the progressive ability to listen to the centers of the chakras and blend with the tube of luminous rays articulated around the spine. As the brain is an electrical engineer requiring some rest to remain efficient, meditation is an exercise that slows down the brainwave activity from Beta frequencies [active state] to Alpha [relaxed] in some cases to Theta [light sleep]. The ultimate Delta brainwave is achieved during deep dreamless sleep. This is also the ideal state of healing for the body. In practice this means that from 12hz to 38 Hz meditation lowers the frequencies to 8hz to 12hz, and down to 3hz - 8 Hz. Accessing this state supports holistic states of awareness as Theta is considered to be the range in which creative inspiration and insight is more easily accessible. Theta frequencies are said to open the doorway to the subconscious and as such practicing meditation regularly is not only a de-stressing experience but also a re-formatting tool to awaken to a new being by allowing the entrance by the brain’s internal engineering’s in a state of pure consciousness. It is in this state that the energetic of the body and mind connection can deeply influence change.

Intuition is the force that makes radiate the tube of luminous rays of the chakra. Intuition is a secret force which guides us as a survival kit. Meditation is a healing force generated from within and its value is in discovering the here and now can calm the mind and body connection from the root to the crown chakra.

Experienced meditators can change the acidity of a glass of water. Meditation is a powerful cleanser.

Through regular practice of meditation one by one the layers of ego, filters, borders, and limits are taken away. Opening the heart and eventually giving glimpses of oneness. If cross-legged position does not appeal than just sit down comfortably, close the eyes and relax and learn visualization, de-stress slowly to open up the connectors of your body.

Holistic therapies do consider intuition an important aspect of healing.

Living Healing Through Practice

- Meditate every day

- Open your eyes to new beginnings every day

- Practice listening

- Practice watching

- Focus on the invisible energies not the visible ones

- Give something to somebody every day, even a stranger [in appearance]

- Allow, accept and Learn to feel and;

- Defy gravity: be happy in anticipation - Gratitude will precede you!

A Quick Note on Gratitude:

Gratitude is not thank-itude: Gratitude is beyond thankfulness. Gratitude is a non-ego-based attitude. thank you is still ego.-based answer... Meditate on it...
Next week we will explore types of meditations and a few techniques.
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