Blog-inar [Issue 4] Addendum - Quantum Visualisation


Experiencing today was total inspiration to share an additional technique for enhancing Energy Flow within the Boyd-mind-universe connection.Visualisation is a powerful tool and evenmore so when it is focused towards healing and improving a positive Energy Flow.

Herewith is a simple technique based on visualization which is an addition to the technique described yesterday and which can also be applied to a variety of healing situation such as simply attracting abundance of positivity within one's life.

Based on quantum dynamics, every subatomic particle of energy is connected to every other particle by a kind of holographic energetic matrix and we have seen int he past few weeks that it is possible to change the behavior of these quantum particles by directing attention, feelings, and thoughts. This is called focused attention: intention.
To keep the intention clear of negative thoughts, or feelings is an exercise. It requires a bit of practice because the mind is entangled in the ego matrix which by definition loves to create thoughts, make the left side of the brain practice structure and planning!
But as Einstein said it "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." so it possible to use visualization to actually focus attention on healing by creating an avatar of a healed situation.
the exercise will help you align your inner energy (intention) with your higher energy (intuition) and creativity ( right side of the brain) and project into the reality (quantum field) a mirrored or an avatar of a future situation.  Whre from dis-ease or weakness or lack of , the people, situations or objects will be abundant, in wellness, or anything else that is positive.

1) First answer a few basic question: what do you want? what is the situation and what do you want out of it, who is involved, how many persons and location....

2) Then decide than rather then a  Flow of bright light ( see 16/12/09 post - Golden Ki Flow) it will beautiful box or better a door;

3) Based on breathing technique and relaxation, visualise the beautiful blue door and by slowing opening the knob you will bring together all you creativity to see the situations, the people of what it is that is needing healing, lightly walking through the door and entering a wider space of pure blue light. Consciously make the effort to let it go and create in front of your eyes the abundant healing required.
The whol meaning of walking through the door is to intentionally leaving behind what is no more required and entering a new space of reality where a new code can be defined.

In the space that you are now in, there are some of the highest vibrations in the Universe, and this is where you can access abundance, joy, and empowerment. In this location where you have entered, is only pure vibration and positivity. Only that it is your space and you can give it the content you wish.

Psycho-physiology is bringing evidence that the very intention of feeling good and radiating pure love is modifying the energetic level of the nervous system and builds a more coherent, confident and positive sate of wellness which in tunrs brings a higher level of coherence. ( At Healing Mudras we support the HeartMath Institute)

In this space that is now yours you decide the content of it: new agreements, new feelings, new objects, new shape of you body, new absence of physicial pain and the same....

Anywhere you are you have the potential to influence thoughts, and feelings and the energy field around. the key is to do this consciously, intentionally