Blog-inar [Issue #3] Meditation [Part 2]


Welcome to [Issue 3] of our Series on Energy & Healing.

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Wednesday 16 Dec.Energy Flow & Healing
Wednesday 23 Dec. Healing: Broaden the Spectrum

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Short-cut summary of topics already browsed: Energy, Healing, Meditation and how to start uo a Helaing programme with meditation: 1) Let go of the Ego, and how this let go can not only facilitate ego but also expand it to other non-physical dis-eases of the body-mind-universe connection. 2) Detachment from the outcome and 3) Gratitude as an overall attitude ( being alive, being living on this Earth, being a parent, etc....)

Note: The topics of discussion in this Blog-inar are very vast, and there was a need to narrow them down a bit. As such only glimpses of connection between healing, life-styles- and harmonious body-mind connection and types of healing are presented and YOUR suggestions are welcomed for rolloing-out more Blog-inars early in the new year.

There is a very interesting Book for those intersted in 2012, transitional times and the same: Its title is in the reference below this post. The point here is that this Blog-inar is a reflection of what 2012 and its load of transitional vibrations actually mean: healing, coherence, loving-kindness, broadening of consciousness, realisation of the magnetic force inherent to the brain's activity which can influence the reality we live in, planets' needs and the same....
We'll expand, We are Happy to contribute to the process.! And thank you for all your comments. they all are encouragements !

For now we will focus on Energy Flow and Healing and in today's discussion on Meditation and Healing in particular.

Definition of meditation

According to Wikipedia, the word 'meditation' comes from Latin, 'meditato' which suggests intellectual exercise. Later on along the centuries and close to turn of 20th century, meditation encompassed 'contemplation'.

Meditation Techniques or Types vary with traditions they all nevertheless bring a general state of calmness, alertness, increased energy, more balance in action/thoughts/reaction, and greater consciousness in Oneness.

Hereafter, a few types of meditations: 

1) absence of thoughts, here and now - focus on posture [i.e.Zen]
2) mindfulness, calming the mind, the flow, breath : Vipassana and most of eastern tradition embedded in most path of Buddhism,
3) Heart focused meditation: develop compassion and loving-kindness
4) Crystal meditations
5) Reiki meditations [starting at level Oku-Den II and Shinpi-Den III ]
6) chakra meditation
7) frequencies meditation: newer form of meditation also called Brain Entrainment [we'll explain later on what Brain Entrainment is]

Vipassana Meditation is the most comon and practiced form of meditation together with Zen. Zen is in our view more disciplinary than Vipassana as it focuses primarly on the posture and absence of thoughts as a way to live Oneness. " I Shin Den Shin" from my sold to your sould.
Both Vipassana and Zen revolve around mindfullness to create a state of alertness and focused attention which in turn enhances the experience of Oneness.

Vipassana is a method grounded in the development of Mindfulness: Body, feelings/emotions, mental content, and of the underlying state of mind (present, clear, confused, awake, sleepy]

In Zen meditation: the posture is veyr important and movements are not recommended, It strenghtens the mind to become aware of possible pain and let it go, let it fade away. Posture is fundamental to reach the 'still point' where breathing and posture are the same.

In Vipassana posture is important but the focus is calming the crowd of toughts, feelings, emotions ...etc

Chakra Meditation can be practiced either sitting down or laying down and involves focusing on each chakra starting from the Root Chakra up to the Crown chakra and visualising a ball of energy rotating within the area of the chakra. It is a very poweful meditation to develop awareness of the body's energy centers.

Crystal Meditations: are powerful visualisers. The crystals are either proxy for visualisation by holding them in the both hands while calming the mind, or by visualising the crystal on top of the head (crown chakra) while calmly seated in meditation position. Bother meditations are cleanser, detoxifying and powerful chakra openers.

Reiki Meditations: are part of the Reiki training programmes and are usually integrated in the programmes starting at Level II and III. At Master level (III) and Master Teacher Level (IV) Reiki meditations are enhancers for understanding the force of the Reiki Symbols (at Level II) or as enhancers for feeling and entering the realm of the Reiki Symbols at Level III and IV . The Golden Ki Flow is a powerful Reiki Meditation which focuses on the breath and the chakras visualising a White Bright Light transcending all the chakras and connecting with universe.

[In our book Quantum Togetherness we provide examples of Meditation both for Reiki and non-Reiki Practitioners including Crystals Meditations Techniques]

A very interesting new form of meditation is called Brain Entrainment and deals with the electro-frequencies and the resonance of the those with the universe's. ?external environment.

Studies show that what we know as frequencies ( Alpha and Beta) are the most common relaxing/active frequencies for humans. Experienced Meditators can reach Theta waves frequencies and as such enter other realms of conneciton with the Universe. These frequencies can be measured and reproduced.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming developed simple techniques of brain entrainment focused on the thinking and shape up of the reality and how the brain circuits can be re-programmed to help patients eliminate self-defeating habits. These were clinical studies very popular in the 80's and 90's. Richard Bandler and Milton Erickson were the leaders on these and they discovered that it is possible to sned different types of messages to the brain as the left and right side of the brain respond differently to different or same inputs.

By 2009 and the future will tell us more on how these studies can be used for reaching deeper states of midnfulness by simple increasing the exposure to Delta and Theta waves. Alpha and Beta waves are readily available in everyday life. Delta and Theta waves are only available with a practice of meditation or Brain Entrainment. The effect are calming, opening and far-reaching. Our daily life are full of damaging waves, Noise pollution as well as electro magnetic negative pollution abounds is every form: Lights from billboards, movies theatre, mobile phones and the same depleting access to clean resonance frequencies.

Benefits of meditation

Beside simply calming the mind and the body, meditation can boost lifelong patterns of the human body. According to recent studies regulalr meditation induces the production of Human Growth Hormone, Melatonin, Serotonin, and DHAE hormone.
As an example meditation can boost production of certain hormones. It is new evident that "By quieting the mind, which then quiets the body, and the less turbulent the body is, the more the self-repair healing mechanisms get amplified. In fact, scientists have shown that the better your DNA, your genetic machinery is at healing itself, the longer you live. That's how meditation lowers biological age." Deepak Chopra

Moreover, as it now becomes ever more evident that thoughts create reality and that within the transitional times we have entered as  humanity (ref to 2012 and beyond) there is a need to enter the quantum world of communication (rather than the digital world) and through meditation enhance mindfulness of the magnetic power of the brain for transforming the way we live, think, act and connect.

Hereafter are a few links with good examples of Meditations techniques and references. It is for our aim to encourage you to focus on harmonizing the mind-body-unverse connection.

Transitional times call for transitional ways of living and rather than even thinking in terms of benefits of meditation, just practice meditation as it is and benefits wil manifest by themselves.

- Vipassana Meditation: House of Dhamma (Bangkok) http://www.houseofdhamma.co.th/
- Zen Meditation : http://www.zenmeditationtechniques.com/
- Chakra Meditation: http://www.chakra-balance.com/chakra-meditation/
- NLP: http://www.richardbandler.com/  and http://www.ericksonian.com/milton-erickson.html
- Frequencies Meditation and Brain Entrainment:
Frequencies Free Meditation Course

Meditation is NOT a privilege for monks or secluded human beings who have chosen to detract from mundane life. Medititon IS an everyday life habit likewise, eating good food, sleeping, brushing teeth and the same.
Meditation is not for women OR men it is for ALL and children can learn it as well with great benefit for their learning curve.

Healing and Meditation go hand in hand as the more meditation will cleanse and detoxify the body-mind connection, the more the etting go, the dropping of the ego, the focused attention , intuition, grtitude, spontaneous loving-kindness and alertness with actually increase.
Moreover, as per improving the Energy Flow within the body-mind connection, meditation also suggests to practice good healthy eating habit. in addition to good thinking habits.

Next week we will develop on Energy Flow (c) our recommended lifestyle practice which integrates, Healing, Meditation, quantum communication, and many more life changing habits.

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