Year 2012. Just imagine.
The conclusion of a 26,000 years cycle of creation being followed by the birth of a new time, a new age and a new space. Literature abounds on possible impacts for life on Earth from the galactic movement that will occur on and around December 21st 2012. Some scenarios even detail potential massive disasters for three consecutive days around that landmark date. A movie is being released tomorrow 13 November 2009. It's aint a joke. Its just a movie.. but it is not just about a movie. There are scientists, physisits, seismologists and many more, including tibetan lamas who are also debating about 2012... The issues are about change.

Yes, actually, it is all just about change. All predictions, prophecies, scenarios, revolve around one constant issue, that is change. How to manage change when it is out of control? The end of a cycle of creation. the beginning of a new cycle. How to unleash control and let it be when only few aspects of change are manageable?

The answer is in radiation of unconditional love to cultivate harmony. From now this is the answer. Simply because peace and gratitude start from within, here and now, and the inconceivable can be created, nowhere else than in the body-mind-universe connection, the heart, the exact location of the seed of wisdom for wellness. The heart is the source of love,the most powerful source of creation of positivity.

The shift in paradigms unfolding involves the progressive dismantle of ego-based consciousness. The very cement that holds the consciousness together, or in structural terms, the pattern of the modern corporate world is being undermined. What is secure becomes insecure and what was thought of being permanent reveals its true nature of impermanence, This is the dawn of a new togetherness.

Quantum communication offers us all the unique opportunity to fill the energy field with positive thinking, positive loving, positive change, positive shift. Within the quantum world, unconditional love is the tool to stretch limits of consciousness and live magnificently. In the quantum positive co-creation is the drive that holds the consciousness together.

In the meantime, on the road to 2012 and beyond, holistic healing techniques such as Reiki and quantum healing are in great demand in such transitional times for the inner strength to radiate positive frequencies. It all starts from within, to bear fruits externally. It is up to you to unleash control and let it be! It is up to you to make it happen, here and now.

Quantum Togetherness. It's Up To You To Make It Happen. Is our eBook and it presents some amongst the theories which move away from the potential disaster and doomsday theory and rather revolve around radiation of positive energy. No matter what change will . it is certainly time to make a shift! The eBook also presents exercises and meditations practices which can encourage anyone to detox mind-body and universe connection.

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