Synchronicity at work at Starbucks...

Bangkok is a city of more than 10 Millions inhabitants. The shopping mall where the event occured receives a flow of visitors I guess amounting to several thousands a day.

Two days ago I bought a USB aircard with a Sim card from the same mobile service provider I use for my mobile phone (it just makes things easier to re-charge). The USB Sim card enables access to WIFI anywhere with a laptop or notebook. This facilitates inspirations for wrigint eseveral articles I publish per week.

Today, I sat down at a local Starbucks outlet with my notebook and proudly took out of my bag the USB modem. As soon as I sat down at the last available table with electricity plugs (thank you Starbucks)a young Thai man walked in and searched for a plug [most likely] to do exactly the same I was doing. I waived at him and told him he could share my table as there were no more plugs available.

He smiled, sat down at the small round table, opened his notebook and looked at my USB aircard and said in very good english "Oh you are using that device also, pointing at the USB. Do you like it? I said yes I like it! And he continued: " I have one also, I am the one who designed it I work for the company producing these USBs. I designed that and we are now designing a WiFi version of it" As a matter of fact, the Service Provider offering these USB aircard is the only in hailand which such service (at actually a very good price) We had a nice conversation, I gave him some ideas on how to improve his product. I also gave him the title of the eBook (business is business) and my email in case he follows on my advices who knows I'll get one free Wifi USB.

(Note: the notebook he was using, is one that i almost bought prior to purchasing the one I have and he did the same with the one I have... As a matter of fact, the one he is using is the similar model I bought for one of my staff who left our household some months ago as a good bye gift!)

What a wonderful day!