Positive Thoughts through Mudras

Mudras are gestures, movements of the body and/or the hands. When I was a child I wanted to be a dancer. Dance was all i was waiting for when stitting at my school desk. Later as a teenager i wanted to join 'Mudra' Modern Dance School established by now late French Choreographer Maurice Bejart, in the capital city i was living at that time. The school offered full Education plus dance Programme for those who wanted to make modern dance their destiny and be recruited as part of his troupe. He was quite famous until his death a few years ago aged 85. A man of great art {and great charm}and attracted by all ancient traditions. He believed and gave his life to his passion in dance as an expression of love and culture and his troupe was indeed a global village of mixed races and origins. I was allowed once to attend a rehearsal of one of his compositions to be later staged and awarded as one of his best with First Dancer Rudolf Noureiv. And that was the closest I ever came to the heart of the Dance School. I did not attend his school. I was refrained from it by disciplinary measures taken in the household. I continued my dance path, nevertheless, as a second life, until a motorcycle accident in my early '30. This is to say the word Mudra always meant something to me beyond the sanskrit meaning. It suggests posture but also flowing, floating and drawing energy beams with the energy field giving the body its full blend of energy body. Dancing with the energy. This is also what healing is. With the hands, moving along the body with a healing touch of energy to fill the gaps between the physical and the ethericla body.

Mudras also suggests, postures taken to blend with the energy and connect with the body-mind-universe energy. Meditation mudras, such as crossed-legs, or yoga mudras to express energy and give it a shape.

As recently as two months ago Tibetan Mudras Meditation was taught to us by Geshe Nyama Dakpa Rinpoche. It is called ' mandel meditation'  and is part of a La-Tri meditation technique itself belonging to the Dongzen tradition. In short, this meditation is used to detoxify the mind-body connection here and now, to clear up the clutter in the karma by ways of making lotus offerings with the hands. It is quite powerful, I rather say, very influential...

Sit in meditation posture (the one most confortable to you) release your thoughts, release tensions, and practice calming the breath as you best know it. Cup your hands as though you are holding a ball in your palms. Imagine a beam of energy within your hands. Possibly you may feel heat inthe hands. The iomportant aspect is that you are relaxed, you are conscious you are going to make offerings for your karma. You may imagine you are holding an important issue for you, or for your family or you are holding your past or your future in your hands, What comes best to you, what is your immediate thought or need. Importantly the connection mind-body is the connection to your hands. Now rotate your upper hand clockwise three times as though you are moving the nergy inside your hands in a clockwise motion, 3 times. When you are done, now turn three times anti-clockwise, then finally straight accross the palms from the back to the front, three times. Then Imagine your ball of energy is moving in between your hands and say to yourself, may this be for the good of all sentients beings...and sowly bring your hands in a position as described in the video attached

The lotus mudras, a lotus design with the hands as a symbol of offerings is meant to be created 100,000 times in a lifetime to clear up clutter in the karma... With an average of 30 per day (10 morning, ten afternoon, 10 evenings) it would take 10 years to finish the count. Up to you to make it at your rythm faster or slower... It is beautiful to do it at any given time.. in any situation. Just give it a try.

Peace to all..