Blog-inar Series Energy & Healing [Issue 1]

Welcome to [Issue 1] of our Series on Energy & Healing.

The schedule of the Blog-inar will roll-out as follows:

Wednesday 25 Nov. Premises: Energy & Healing

Wednesday 2 Dec: Healing & Meditation (1)

Wednesday 9 Dec: Healing & Meditation (2)

Wednesday 16 Dec.Energy Flow & Healing

Wednesday 23 Dec. Healing: broaden the spectrum

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• The topic was chosen in accordance with a careful analysis of hits made to the Blog as a result of Google searches: several internet-ers are interested in "energy" and "enhancing life energy" or "positive energy" and the same;

• The connection of energy with healing comes as natural as spring water: combining the words energy, positive, enhancing, life creates more 50% of the meaning of healing. The remaining part of the definition encompasses intention, detachment and even gravity.

• This blog-inar is about energy in its relation to healing, self-improvement, positive attitude and the same;

• We will use the term "Healing" as a technique, a therapy and a holistic a method of achieving wellness which includes a philosophy of life based on compassion and loving-kindness and not necessarily in [sometimes] comparison with "curing";

• We assume an interest in this topic for its positive qualities and not "as opposed" to curing" we will not entertain debates on Healing Vs Curing;

• Our approach is based on our knowledge itself based on experience that 'inclusiveness' is constructive in describing certain forms of healing using certain types of techniques;

• We are all One, however even in Oneness there are distinct ways to allow and accept as well as timings and requirements and cultures, as such inclusiveness of therapies and techniques is an important premise as some techniques would work better for certain persons;

• Our intention is to share experience, knowledge and evidence. The rest remains free-will and at the discretion of the reader.

• We welcome positive and constructive complementary comments, contributions, sharing experience and knowledge. We actually want that. So please do take your time and write down your comment.

Energy - The what

Quickly from Wikipedia we refer to energy as : a word [energy} of Greek origin ἐνέργεια - energeia, "activity, operation", from ἐνεργός - energos, "active, working" and in physics it is a scalar physical quantity that describes the amount of work that can be performed by a force, an attribute of objects and systems that is subject to a conservation law.

In biology, energy is an attribute of all biological systems and is responsible for growth and development. Energy is thus often said to be stored by cells in the structures of molecules of substances such as carbohydrates (including sugars) and lipids, which release energy when reacted with oxygen.

In geology, continental drift, mountain ranges, volcanoes, and earthquakes are phenomena that can be explained in terms of energy transformations in the Earth's interior. While meteorological phenomena like wind, rain, hail, snow, lightning, tornadoes and hurricanes, are all a result of energy transformations brought about by solar energy on the atmosphere of the planet Earth.

In cosmology and astronomy the phenomena of stars, nova, supernova, quasars and gamma ray bursts are the universe's highest-output energy transformations of matter. All stellar phenomena (including solar activity) are driven by various kinds of energy transformations. Energy in such transformations is either from gravitational collapse of matter (usually molecular hydrogen) into various classes of astronomical objects (stars, black holes, etc.), or from nuclear fusion (of lighter elements, primarily hydrogen).

These definitions are very common & we tend to forget energy as the main basis of our action. It take energy to move body around, and the body itself produces energy either visible (i.e. sweat) or not frequencies, heat, noise. Put 100 persons in a room and feel the heat! and the smells. Put 5 meditators (or more) in a room and feel the room or check the ph of the water: you will be impressed by the change in quality of the air and the water (we’ll discuss this later)

Energy is a force with four main characteristic: it moves, it changes, it has a strength, and reproduces itself all measurable in different ways (the senses) and all possibly to be measured in units of different types of frequencies.

Within the force there are four characteristics itself:

- Electromagnetism

- Gravity

- Nucleus

- Sub-atomic components

All matter and not only human bodies respond to inter-connection of energy. This is called the Unified Energetic Field. All interacts with each components, nothing is separated. Think of it and observe light, or air, or try to give a color to a smell, and notice the particles composing the air. This simple exercise is a reminder that a human body is body of energy, interacting with a larger field of energy. Imagine the field as though it was a gel that you could mould at your liking. This is what we all do all the time. A bit of practice and observation will actually change the perception we have of the reality.

Energy - The where

Where is energy coming from? Where does it go? Electricity? There is Zen Koan which goes like this: Switch off the light. Where does it go?

Energy is there. It is the primary component of existence. All matters, visible or not, such as electromagnetism exist. It is just there.

The 4 basic nature's elements of energy: Earth (ground) - Wind (air) - Light (fire) - Water

There are 4 directions within a matrix of polarity: North - South - East and West.

Additional energy elements are found in the Chinese theory of balance of the Yin and Yang: Metal, Wood

There also are 5 basic senses: sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing.

The human nervous system is a matrix of energy experiments [the use of experiments is voluntary because it translates the experience, the data, and the information stored in the body by the cells, and this will be useful when we touch upon ‘healing’]. There are millions of functions occurring constantly every day, at any given moment of existence.

There are meridians located along specific lines of the nervous system and there are chakras, which are centers, hubs of energy meeting at precise locations in body.

There are basics 7 chakras associated with 7 different colors. There also are 'sub-chakras' or half-tone chakras associated with the main chakras giving an additional 5 chakras to the matrix of the human body and associated with levels of higher consciousness.

Photos:www.brighthill.net/metaphysical/twelve_chakras.htm - www.reiki.nu

Energy - The how

At the source of creation there is the heart, the main energy center, the exact location where the blood is pumped and send out to the all the various channels. The pulsing of the heart can be measured as well as the electro -frequencies created by the pulsing. The brain is also an electrical center recording and reacting to pulsing, sensations, and other stimulations. The system works by integrity, all pieces of the system are required to work (structure) and all different pieces require the other one to work as well and have little existence if extracted from the system. Moreover each component has a specific function to fulfill which can’t be replaced by another one.

Life is beautiful and creation is a vast programmed matrix. In this matrix lie some fundamental connections.

Most of them are automatic, on auto-pilot, stimulations others are acquired, installed and well settled and the product of repetitive thoughts or actions. I.e. A feeling generates a response: hunger = eating and the same. The nervous system gets accustomed to receive required inputs at each electro-pulsing. Hunger creates a vacuum... to be filled. Within that response is a coordination center for a vast array of thoughts to mould a response, create a pattern of response. Peers, beliefs, feelings, emotions, habits can create patterns of healthy eating, junk eating, random eating and the same...

Each cells of the body has a memory, a storage function. It is like a tiny chip which will become accustomed to receive similar responses to similar stimulus. Moreover it can take over the control of the habit by sending buzz signals.... allergies for instance, said to be created by an over-influence of some categories of components. On the other hand the lack of the given response which was settled also creates a signal. I.e. a headache. As a result of eliminating let's say coffee from a diet of abundance of coffee the body will react with an alarm in this case the headache. The coffee per se is not the issue what is the root of the issue we want to elaborate on is the Memory chip inside the cell which was influenced by the eating/drinking behavior. The emotions, the feelings and the results from applying certain patterns of responses to a stimulus are the exact location where the mind-body connection interferes. This interference can be positive or negative. Moreover, the powers of the thoughts originating from the brain are also governed by categories: the left and the right side of the brain don’t interpret the reality the same way. Clinically it is shown that the left-side is said to govern structure, logic and rational thinking and focused thinking (detailing) it is also controlling the body functions on the right-side of the body. Write with right hand is controlled by left-brain. The right-side of the brain controls, emotions, creativity, global visioning and the same as well as govern the motion on the left side of the body.. There are many more centers of the energy in the brain we won't elaborate here on their location.

What is important to us is the fact that the nervous system control impulsions and pulsing which are of electrical nature and send virtually short messages to the rest of the body and each cells accumulates that information, stores it, distills it and uses it. When too much is too much, it overflows and sends signals as well as when there is lack. The thoughts come from various entry points a mega center of coordination, and have their own role in creating patterns of behaviors and patterns of mind-body connections which can influence the state of health of the body.

As such and now it is brought to evidence in a variety of ways, it is accepted to say that thoughts influence the state of health as they have an influence on the type of data that the cells will store at their own benefits or not.

Being healthy and considering one healthy all is fine until a bottleneck occurs.

The bottleneck could be manifested in many ways (from headache to cancer) : thoughts will have their part to play in restoring health or contributing to deterioration.


• Energy is a force

• The constituents of human bodies are cells interacting with each other in a cycle of production, reproduction, elimination, absorption;

• The nervous system comprises of energy centers where electro-pulsing are coordinated in a 'hub' also called chakras and meridians are channels of energy along the nervous tracks of the body.

• Thoughts are energy.

• The system works by integrity and functions on the basis of inter-dependence.

• Body organs have physical as well as metaphysical functions. i.e./ liver : stores and filters vital nutrients... stores and filters information on eating habits.


"Healing" is a process of restoring a state of health, a state where these is no physical, emotional or other damage; a state of balance, a state of equilibrium, an overall state of wellness and well being. This would encompass physical wellness to include calmness, and heart opening attitude, loving-kindness [Metta].

Healing is a holistic process of working with both the physical and the metaphysical functions of the body and including the mind [thoughts and emotions] in the matrix of inputs. Healing is a holistic approach to health with a good component of personal accountability to one's own health. In other words taking responsibility that all that is needed to heal, the intelligence of the healing lies in the body -mind-universe connection and the highest guidance to find balance again is in that exact location within the body.

In healing, the mind-body connection is considered being a very important data for the progress of the process of healing. Moreover, healing is a transformation process: eliminating the toxins, restoring balance, and 'moving beyond' un-wellness. By being a process healing involves transformation [i.e. necrotic cells replaced by new cells, sense of fatigue replaced by sense of calmness]

The best example to ground this statement is with the Placebo effect and the Nocebo effect which easily describe how intention opens the opportunities for allowing and accepting healing and how the mind, the thoughts, and the emotions can assist or deteriorate a condition.

The placebo effect: supports the fact of having the intention to and the knowledge that something will be beneficial often (measured in both quantitative and qualitative terms) result in a significant improvement of a condition. The nocebo effect is the exact opposite in the way that focusing on a negative possibility will actually generate a negative condition [worsening] .The placebo effect is a physiological response to an intention to heal. From this perspective intention is then defined as a force as a powerful positive energy.

Intention is a driving force. The key for healing. Change your thoughts, change your mind. Change your thoughts, change your health and so forth. Humanity has been accustomed to build systems of beliefs on rational mind, on structure, corporations, and securities and leave the spiritual mind, to mainstream monotheistic religions. Prevent chaos and guarantee control. As a result, intuition, intention, spirituality, and meditative practices or alternative therapies and the same were relegated to indeed 'alternative' not in the mainstream.

Healing, rather than being a random process with a probability of resulting in a positive outcome, is a very deep process of change and within healing, intention is the key.: wanting to be healthy, being an alerted observer and listener to the body's needs while consciously [intentionally] supporting the process.

How does intention operate?

At the physical level within the mind-body connection the whole system of meridians and nervous channels will respond to the course of intention.

At the metaphysical level the mind-body connection will organize its path at its own pace and send signals of achievements.

At the consciousness, universal level, the higher-self, the memory of the past, the connection to the cosmic energy, the intention will interact with the intelligence of the energetic field and fade away limiting patterns. This is explained through quantum physics. This is also how absent healing works, within the time/space dimension of the consciousness of the universe. To re-align the balance of the body with the overall balance of the cosmic heart.

Corollary of intention:

In healing there is a shift. A shift in the system of beliefs, in the patterns of beliefs, and to operate that shift it is fundamental to:

1) Let it go and accept the condition; = taking care of the condition [say yes I am going to take care of ...]

2) Allow healing to take place; = opening to the process [it is maybe going to be painful, but I am not taking this painkiller today]

Result: within that space created by accepting and allowing, will healing take place. Different persons experience different processes, most times, the elimination of toxins may create physical dis-comfort. Once that stage is passed, the tunnel opens and healing shines bright.

How is this possible?

Physically there are changes in electromagnetic frequencies which occur one the body is in a relaxed state, whether that relaxed state is induced through i.e. a hands-on healing technique ( i.e. Reiki, Quantum reconnection, quantum healing, or acupuncture and the same)

Metaphysically when the body is in a relaxed state and receives certain type of frequencies, a change of frequencies instantaneously occurs where the imbalances are located, inducing a physiological response within the cells,

Spiritually, at the level of the higher consciousness, the intention of healing, is a form of trust in a higher intelligence and cosmic energies at work and supporting the change of 'information' within the body.

Why information?

The body and the mind are complex entities made up of data and exchanges, amongst them information, such as beliefs, thoughts, habits, patterns of movement, reflexes and the same, is stored and for a matrix, a complex network of inter-exchange. Within that network there is space for moving beyond the physical dimension of the body and entering the space of the etherical communication. That is exactly where healing takes place.

Healing is actually a process of transforming an intention into a concrete state of balance of the mind- body connection. Healing is positive energy blown into a body-mind connection to sparkle well-being.


Quantum physics explains these processes very well and the fact that consciousness influences matter. From the premises that all is one, nothing is separated, or in other words that being separated by a physical dimension [i.e. me, you, them] is only an illusion [ the Zen master used to say this long before quantum], the intention works at the level of electrical impulsions (and can be measured via copper and ECG) and operates within the body electromagnetic field. , faster than the speed of light.

Another example: blushing: an emotion, a strong emotion creating a physical reaction [visible] or invisible [ sudden lowering of blood pressure] this could happen upon being insulted in public, witnessing a car accident, or any other situations.. We just tend to take certain attitudes, reactions and response for granted and continue with benevolent intention to replicate them as though they were the only truth.

Changing the intention is equivalent to changing the information sent, hence the data stored, hence the reaction. In our example: I am fine I am gay and happy to be and people respect me. Will manifest a change in the reality.

One premise need to be added to the whole process: DROP THE EGO.

The ego is the central anchor, the pivotal turning point, the filter, the largest storage of data.

Intention cannot come from the ego. Because the ego requires too much entertainment to be concerned with the matters of the universe. To drop the ego is a guarantee to move from the physical consciousness to the universal consciousness.

To take place, healing requires dropping the ego with all its limiting beliefs. This is where we close the topic for today.

Next week Wednesday 2d December - Ego and Healing

Queries and Answers

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- What do you know of healing

- Give an example of an experience of healing. (Any technique or no technique at all)