2012. The Movie - Glad it will generate unconditional love

I had pre-bought a ticket, because when having just a few hours of total freedom while my daughter is at school, I wanted to enjoy having full time after the movie to digest it. At eleven in the morning few people can afford sitting in a movie theatre. Indeed we were just 20.

Had I not written an eBook about the other side of 2012, I think this movie would have upset me a lot. But, as one of the main caracters of the Movie, and [please if you watch the movie, look for that guy who lives at the center of the Yellowstone park and waits impatiently to see the light of the rising vulcano, while rolling out a very nice animated blog on 2012, the mayas, hopis and others] I actually did elaborate a bit on the 'the other side of 2012' and therefore was only loking forward to a bit of disaster 'preparedness'. The topic my eBook is not about.

Looking for disasters brings disasters right there on a silver plate and we had a lot of it during the showing of the movie. Guaranteed, no exception though that the overaching goal of the movie may not be to counter theories or to allow theories to take over control of the destiny of human kind, but rather to show with shameless honesty, that there is some truth in ancients wisdom. Unconditional love is the answer to whatever chaos humanitiy will or will not face in three years or later. One overall impression about the movie, is the resurgence of love and Unconditional love as a main human value. The day humans will stop fighting and instead love and respect each other loads of issues will solve. Inthe meantime, 'samsara', the cycle of sufferings will not stop. It will dig out the root causes for sufferings and put humans face-to-face with co-creation.

The movie is a major business promotion. Our eBook gains from it, as well as all those who are tapping into the source of love as a response to chaos. I am glad I wrote that eBook, I am glad I am pursuing ocntinuing to writing on unconditional love and healing because there will be a need to stop hysteria about 2012 and the only way to stop it is to learn to re-focus, to shift, towards Let It Be, and love and higher frequencies. Nothing else will help when chaos is peaking.

More than ever, the power of the mind-body-universe connection is at play.
Take that chance and it is up to you to make quantum togetherness happen!

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Go watch 2012 and ponder on unconditional love, impermance of life and co-creation. Be part of the the new project of new earth and new togetherness. It may save a lot of abundance.

Peace and Harmony for all.