The Sun is not Napping!


I am sharing with you what Ijust read from recent studies and finding of the Global Coherence Initiative. The Sun is Not Napping means that although right now (2008-09) the sun activity is at its lowest in decades it i about to peak upwards again within the next 2 years or so. The  interconnection of the activities between the Sun and the Earth are of our comon interest because their influence onthe physio-emotional status of energyf flo of human and their interactions. First of all, when the Sun spot is low the electromagnetic field is low and negativily influencing the physio-emotional status of the human body. Sun and light is energy, energy is data for the body-mind connection withinthe Universe. When the electromagnetic field is active, alive and kicking, human activities are said to be more positive. When it is low, there is a weakened link. The galactic movements between the Earth, the Sun aren't only visible (you get a nice sun tan yes?) they occur far away in the ionosphere and when interacting with the Earth regular movements they tend to create waves of energy. This interaction can 'interfer' with the Earth's own movements and the energy created can move tectonic plates creating waves of underground energy which results in earthquakes. What does this have to do with healing, human physio-emotional status, balance and simply human activity? To put it simply, as all is interconnected we humans do feel shift in moods when there is no light in the sky! It is observed in Nordic countries where the sun activity is based on a 6 months cycle. Darkness is fine sunlight is fine but there is a need to have a balance. Moreover, as emotions, thoughts and activity are interlinked, high positive level of emotions create high positive level of thoughts and actions. It is also now proofed that individual reactions such as a good thought or emotions can be enhanced through collective actions :in other words the more people engage in making the effort to feel good and detox their negative emotions consciously they all contribute to make this world a better place . An individual action which tunrs into a collective response which influences positivly the Earth's magnetic field! Healing is just about that. Change how you think, change the emotions and vibrate good positive frequencies and change the world! Help the Earth and help the Sun's activity to balance each other....