Slow movements at al levels.....

Slow Movement Planets
Uranus, planet of change and solution-finder - planet swift and sharp. Yes metallic and independent but very connected. Allhappens with a reason and Uranus brings its own purpose. Uranus will enter Aries in 2011 brining changes at many levels...

Neptune, planet of time, love, healing, calm and soft abundance. Neptune likes to take its time to install a foundation on which to build a new vision of reality. It is slow with the purpose of giving time to enjoy.
Neptune will enter Pisces on 5th April 2011 and will smoothen up the challenges brought by Pluto in Capricorn....

Pluto, planet of change, of de-rooting, of eradicating, of transmutation, transformation. A similar process of rotting up and re-birth. Yes Pluto brings challenges and gives time to make sure the challenges are tackled.
Pluto entered Capricorn in October 2008 definitely to remain in this portion of the zodiac for 15 years....

Slow Food  Movement

Slow Food isn't only the opposite to Fast Food in its terminology. It isn't only the slow and good quality of the food prepared with attention as opposed to the rather not so good quality of fast food prepared to fill the stomach and be hungry again after one hour!
Slow Food is also a movement. Similar to the Fair Trade concept, Slow Food Movement is based on principles of environment-friendly, production-friendly, producer-friendly and health-friendly production of food items.
The Movement started in the mid-80's in Rome (Italy) when Mac Donalds was lobbying (and further succeded) to install its first outlet in Rome right at the botom of the steps of Piazza di Spagna, a landmark of Ancient Rome history.
Rome and Italy as such isn't only a secular country where eating and food is a tradition and a communal experience to be enjoyed "al fresco'. Italy ais also a country where there were (in those years) very few production corporations and rather  a multitude of producers cooperatives. All together, the production of food and the end-user enjoyment of a good meal prepared in a rather traditional way in a typical 'trattoria' should remain alive. The issue was taken over by Calro Petrini who established the Slow Food Movement in response to the opening of the Mac D. in Rome and further developed the Movement into a concept of fair trade.  Read more on Slow Food at http://www.slowfood.com/

Meditation as slow detachment

Meditation is a wonder-full way to slow down life pace. Rather than falling asleep by slowing down too much, meditation actually triggers  heightened energy levels, faster and swift observation of events, and develops intuition.
Whys is detachment important? To let of the ego and be able to see events as they occur without relating everysingle fact to one-self is a tool for peace and harmony,

Slow is the way.... all around...