Natural Disasters Focus

Difficult times ahead for affected of Tsunami in Samoa, Cyclone in Philippines, EQ in Indonesia and obviously all the related weather challenges always following EQ and Cyclones... with intense rains. Another cyclone is heading to Philippines. Affected in Vietnam and remember the EQ in Bhutan last week and in Bali 2 weeks ago.  Time is ripe to send good vibrations to all these regions of the world for uplifting the realities there. It is now well known that the energetics eengineering of the mind and body connection radiates outwardly to reach layers of frequencies in the quantum field. This means that as much as meditation is a practical self relaxing tool or a spiritual mean to attain enlightment or any where in between the two extremes a tool for personal development  it is also a very concrete and effective way to influence the quantum field of the universe. Meditation induces Alpha and theta brainwaves which are potent in stretching the limits of the five senses and radiating pure positive energy around. Do this for affacted areas or even for the whole Earth as you visualise the blue Planet turning on its axis or anything other visualisation that is comfortable for you. Do this for as long as you can. the benefits are immense for you and the peers!