Impressions on Time

I like to think this has to do with the true north location. Obviously it may as well not be connected at all. The issue of realisation is about time keeping or time stretching. It all started with a trip to Cairo and re-visiting the Pyramids. After 26 years, the poor pyramids have lost their isolation. Once on a long sandy road out in the desert they are now encircled by heavy traffic, absolute poverty slums, total absence of water and sanitation facilities and cemeteries. True north location. Camels and horses will take you on sandy hill once in the desert now in peri-urban Cairo and admire these ancient times faboulous constructions. All is needed is quite a few Egyptians Pounds in the pocket...The rest is all history. Time... Time has kept a beautiful veil on these constructions, going back to more than 4000 years BC and perfectly located on Earth's True North Location. This can't be changed. This cannot be modified at least for the moment. True meaning of the location is the connection with the Galaxy and Orion's Belt.

Time stretching... What are the ingredients of time? Beyond body clock there is observation and being in the Now. Being in the Now is about stretching time. One hour becomes three and many more events take place? At all... One hour becomes three and the observation of the events becomes more meaning-full. Yes this is it.

This is Africa, this is how time always seems to stop in Africa. Whereever the location is on the African Continent.Time runs slower. This is how it is. True north location. 

The privilege of having visited all the Pharao's ancient legacies ont he Nile back in 1982 will remain alive...It is now been covered with a veil of self-protection. It isn't the fault of climate change bringing Khartoum's Haboobs (sand cyclones) on to Cairo. It isn't the fault of the 10 millions 0-15 years old trying to match their visions of the future with the remaining 10 Millions of over 15 years of age (Cairo's 20 Millions residents), It isn't the fault of anybody. The pyramids self-protect themselves from time taking over from them. One day they time permitting, they could rise again from the desert and shining with their splendid aura and hold a galactic conversation with the aurea borealis.... Who knows, what time has in store for such mytical locations!