Broaden your life's goal

"i" 'me" myself" have limited life expectancy . Here was the story of this immigrant arriving in an english-speaking country and had to undergo learning of english language and made a comment about " what is so important to this language that the pronoun to indicate the 'self' is always written with a capital letter!!!

Life is like a freeway, everyday has an opportunity to meet people and events which carry a meaning, they all are messenger. Do greet any of them with a smile, who knwos they are carrying an important message...and may have been related to you in some past lifes...

Broadening the life's goal is the way to eliminate the ego-based considerations.... Re-phrase each thought with an inverted direction and see how clear the absence of ego will open a new consciousness.

Instead of asking: How can I help you? Ask: What would you need? ( where do you need to go?
Instead of asking: I want to go there can you show me the way? Ask: What are the directions to this place?
And so forth.. You can now try to do the exercise for most daily Q/A... Slowly the consciousness will shift.
to eventually focus on another object of attention, not the boring "I" 'Me" and Mysellf..