Synchronicity in action...

A few posts ago, I quoted Eckart Tolle about synchronicity. One person who receives the blog's post by email replied directly to the email address with a very nice statement. As an administrator of the blog, I receive copies of the post and as I was online checking the mails of the blog I saw the comment and replied to the person by saying how long time we had not met or talked to each other although we live in the same city and then I asked about a very specific issue which I had thought long ago to ask this person knowing the help i could get to sort out an administrative issue. After a few minutes, this person writes back to me and starts the mail with ' Dear Eckart, have we ever met before.... and so on'. Then the person specifically answered my question about the administrative procedure and gave me a very good advice. But this person thought writing to Eckart Tolle, not to me..." only after I  introduced myself the person realised how funny the situation had been!. For a moment she really thought I was Eckart Tolle, while for a moment, I got this very good enlightment that since my inspirational writings are on Change and Transformation.. I decided to add a section on Synchronicity!!
Well done.. T