New Expanded Version of Reiki In Action


Reiki In Action is evolving.. The book I am writing is almost at completion and a new logo is being designed. Followed by a Website.
As a result of the evolution, the name of Reiki In Action is being changed into Healing Mudras.
For the moment the blog address remains unchanged. the only changes are the name and the email address... but soon , very soon, I'll make a total match... It just takes one thing at a time, one day at a time.

Mudras are positions of the hands symbolising/mind and body connection. In buddhism they are the translation of the concept of the teachings they relate to . ee. Abhaya ; Gesture of protection,
Palms up : absence of fear. etc.... In yoga they also have various meanings.

Since healings offered by Reiki In Action are all about a 'Healing Touch" and a movement within the energy field, I found it most appropriate to match the name with the energy field involved.
Moreover, Healing Mudras translates the fact that Mudras can be our vision of the Universe. Planetary movements, invisible bonds, hands gestures, body connection etc....

From now on, all emails will be from Healing Mudras and not from Reiki In Action anymore. I'd appreciate if you check your spam box in case any emails would go in there. Healing Mudras is not spam, it is a new way of life.....

Thank you for your continuous support!