The Earth Magnetic Field ..

This morning very early as it happened a few times before (not many but enough to make me realise a deeepening connectin with the Earth Field) I had this impression of a fast moving below the bed. The Earth ground going and moving as though the house was on a water bed. I had this before since I lived in the house, and even spoke to one of the oldest tenants int he compound who said that indeed there is a spirit in this compound I guess it is a female spirit. My query was more onthe Earth moving below our feets. Anyway.

This morning again... then a few hours later, I read that there was an EQ off the coast of Bali the second EQ to hit Indonesia in less than a month. My mind quickly switched back to this early morning. Could it be that by deepening and even asking the Universe to connect me closely to the Earth's belly so that I can send healing vibration in case of need that indeed I had felt this impending event? For the same conclusion, I am very senstivite to Weather patterns also in addition to my constitutional low blood pressure. An impending storm often sends to lowest pressure... Yesterday I had the lowest blood pressure in a year... so low that I had to lay down. could not think and even felt the magnetic field as though not moving at all.. I thought, something is about to happen somewhere...

I found this awesome website: http://www.2012readiness.com/. A very usefull resource..

Love to all.