Quantum of Reiki

Within healing and the Reiki System of Natural Healing there are no tricks. There is nothing that is supposed to happen. Only what is happening. Healing is a flow of energy. Allowing that energy to work is allowing healing to take place. Allowing healing to take place is an opening to a holistic view of what causes the dis-comfort. Seeing the cause will revert in re-aligning the effect. The broader the goal, the broader the emerging consciousness. The cycle started. When there is pain as maybe someone hurt you with harsh words or maybe words you were not ready to hear or better not wanting to hear, give a big thank you. There are so many reasons why to say thank you. Healing is taking place right there in that very moment. Saying thanks to hard words will only get back the hard words to those who pronounced them. that is the old-time saying. the new-time saying goes farther. It says that a thank you is a healing energy which will open the heart of both you and the person or situation involved. Once that healing takes place,the reward for it comes instantaneously, on the spot. the pain is gone. But farther than that, the breach in the ego plaster is also done and the water of liquid love can now start to flow and pour from that tiny breach. Eventually once thank you become gratitude, there is no ego anymore and healing is completed.

Someone going for a surgery with a sense that there is person to say thank you to for the hard words pronounced on a different occasion, will receive Reiki Healing energy million times fold than going with a sense that I can't say thank you because she or he hurt me and I felt victim and therefore it is them who have to apologise. Have you ever see 2 birds fighting, arguing, keeping heads up? At some point one will have to drop the head without the other one to make any sign.
Be the first to grab the gratitude train. Healing will be with you immediately before even the surgery. Reiki eventually will enter the surgery room and make it happen smoothly. In doing the pre-work in the consciousness, and dropping a bit of ego, reiki will prepare the surgery room for you so when you enter it is healing taking place, not a surgery!