About Intuition

When faced with doubt, follow your intuition. When faced with a crisis, follow your intuition. When faced with happiness follow your intuition. To develop a state of calm, open consciousness and fade away ego-based interactions and structures which surrounds us. There is a need to develop intuitive alertness. Intuitive alertness is about consciously tapping into the connection of the inner with the outer source to act. Leave the mental floating and roaming to secure out of danger zone. But ultimately giving a chance to the intuition to guide us. Because intuition is most often correct because intuition is an out-of-time dimension. Often recalls of past lifes as well. or 'deja-vu ' situations which have been distilled. One very important step to develop intuitive alertness is meditation. Meditation is deeply rooted in the present moment. That is when the mental is putting up all efforts possible to remind the ego, 'Hey don't leave me alone...I need to think and plan, and look back and forth i can't do that alone.' The mental does not like the present moment. It likes to span back and forth between future and past. The mental is making tricks to give us a sense of existence. Most of what we do are just ' do -it situations' My daughter just asked yesterday, why is it that I am walking what makes me 'lift the arm and pick that leave' what decides for me? I was happy to answer well your brain does it for you you don't have to think about it! and she asked WHY! Years ago, she reached the iPod and immediately made the wheel turn and click to change the menu options! No mind to interfere with the ' How to" Just do it. It is called Intuitive retrieval!! Now that intuitive retrieval we have to learn back with a plus:
Playful like a child, eliminate time and space and give intuitive alertness its space to develop a state beyond peace of mind, a state of open consciousness where we can embrace streams of realities as impermanent. All is absolutely our own creation in this very moment.