Take Care of your Mind and Body Connection

...and stay health. Rather then spending your savings on painfully and unbalancing slimming surgeries, adopt health lifestyle and Reiki. This is does not make you a convalescent patient. It makes you feel good and balanced and once toxines are out which cn be un-settling- you feel re-energised and in tune with surroundings.


- Choose Supplements from reliable sources and if possible natural, a lot of chemical vitamins supplements contains actually residuals chemicals and may create opposite result in the long-run;
- Drink plenty of fruit juices max 300 ml/day otherwise you loose all via bowels;
- Back to Espresso (thick and flavoured)! Much better than long and watery coffee: time of absorption is faster and it gives a quick rather continuous (unnecessary) supply of caffeine;
- Adopt green tea espresso! High in Vit C and theine from Green tea is very good. Absolutely delightful and healthy!

- Loose fats: Fresh Pineapple Juice ( Mix with Ginger and Apple. Delightgul)
- Vit C and Beta carotene: Pineapple, Carrots, Ginger and Apple
- Anti Oxidant drink: Soak a handful of Lycium Barbaricum (Red Bay fruit very popular in Iran or Chinese species) in hot water overnight. Mix with your favourite fruit and mix all in fruit extractor!!! Powerful and delightful.

- Cosmetics: Have you tried green tea face spray? or even green tea mask?

Its so easy and wonderful:

Soak 25 gr of Green Tea leaves in 250 Ml of Hot boiling water. Leave it overnight. Pour in your spray and sprinkle on your face whenever needed. Beautiful and so cheap!
If you wish you can add rose water or if your skin is dry and you sweat a lot a few drops of oil (olice oil, vit E oil, or coconut oil)
Japanese Green Tea - Macha - in powder: make a small mix inyour palm with you favourite water and spread lightly on your face.Leave it to dry. Rinse with water. See the tone???!! Like an instant lifting!


- Reiki on your fat deposits or where you feel you need it more. Stomach, buttocks and yes, your face on the cheeks bones!

- Your hands on your Thymus (below the throat on the main bone) to calm any cravings;

- Hands on your Tanden (Hara or Chi) 2 fingers below your navelstring for as much as you wish. Breath and stretch your spine.

You'll see the results.